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Rich Media Analytics

Media analytics software that helps organizations increase their ROI on Big Data by providing easy access, comprehensive analysis, streamlined management and intuitive visualization of rich media.

Easily Manage and Analyze Rich Media

Get comprehensive rich media intelligence and deliver easy-to-use media analysis and visualization for better management. One solution can do it all. Read this datasheet to see how a media management and analytics platform can help.


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Video, Image and Audio Data

HPE 富媒体分析利用数量不断增长的以不同格式展现的各种富媒体中所提供的洞察力,帮助您加速增长、削减成本、缓解风险。 HPE 媒体管理与分析平台提供视频监控分析需要的所有组件,例如场景分析、车牌自动识别、人脸识别、人口特征分析以及语音到文本、语音识别和声纹识别等语音分析。 与 HPE IDOL 无缝整合,将富媒体分析数据直接检索至 IDOL 用于高级搜索和分析。

Use Cases

  • Broadcast Intelligence: Automatically monitor, analyze, and index live broadcast feeds in real time from digital sources, satellite and cable television, radio, and the Internet.
  • Call Center Efficiency: Analyze large volumes of voice calls in real time. Learn in this whitepaper how HPE enables next-generation call centers.
  • Surveillance: Automatically monitor 1000’s of CCTV cameras in real time or retrospectively, tag the video, send alerts, review and distribute it as required.
  • Media Archive and Search: Index and analyze huge volumes of video and audio files.
  • Safe City: Elevate the level of public security and society’s well-being by optimally leveraging video surveillance, social media, sensors, databases, etc.

Auckland Transport and HPE Transform Urban Transportation

HPE and Auckland Transport work together to bring powerful analytics to their data outputs to make safe and financially sound decisions while also providing crisis management authorities

Accurately Identify Vehicles

Ensuring public safety can be a daunting task. But a license plate recognition solution that automatically detects and identifies the make and model of vehicles in real time makes things a bit easier. Read why governments, utilities, corporations, hospitals, public institutions and others are getting them.


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Automated, Intelligent Surveillance for Airports

The deluge of data that video surveillance cameras feed to airport control centers can overwhelm manual processes and cause security risks to slip by. You need a solution that integrates and analyzes all video sources to discover and resolve issues faster. Read how you can do it in this surveillance for airports brochure.


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White paper


The Paradox of Next-generation Call Centers


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White paper


HPE IDOL for Face Recognition


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Case study


NANA Uses IDOL for Higher Security, Lower Cost


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Case study


Auckland Transport Delivers Benefits with Video Analytics


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Data sheet


HPE Media Analytics Software Overview


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Case study


Dubai Police Accelerates and Sharpens Enforcement


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DS Virgin and HPE Take on Formula E


(2:50 Minutes)



HPE Surveillance Solution for Airports


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Data sheet


Automatic Number/License Plate Recognition



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Case study


Beijing Future Advertising delivers precision sports marketing intelligence


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HPE IDOL for Intelligent Scene Analysis



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