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您想了解混合云管理DevOpsMobile  或服务代理解决方案在您的公司中如何运作的吗?您是否想知道如何最好地实施 HPE 软件解决方案并发挥其全部功能?

模型办公室是预先构建且完全集成的配置环境,将向您展示常见客户用例的真实示例。 它们基于 Open Group IT4IT 价值链,旨在加速部署和实现价值的时间。 通过测试运行,您可以直接看到 HPE 软件服务如何帮助您实现愿景。

Cloud Model Office

Manage Your Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud Management means managing the entire cloud lifecycle: from design, through workload provisioning, to operations (e.g. monitoring, finance, change, configuration). The Cloud Model Office shows you Hybrid Cloud Management in action. 

(2 Minutes)

DevOps Model Office

Accelerate Application Delivery

See how you can implement continuous DevOps for faster release of apps with automation of integrated build, test and deployment processes.

(1:45 Minutes)

Service Broker Model Office

Transform IT Into a True Service Broker

Give your users a consumer-oriented shopping experience at a one-stop IT service catalog with a fully integrated open framework to deliver, assure, and govern IT services in a multi-sourced, hybrid service-delivery environment.

(2:15 Minutes)


White paper

Cloud Service Monitoring


(PDF 226KB)


Cloud Services Lifecycle 


(PDF 208KB)

White paper

Run IT like a business


(PDF 604KB)

White paper

Cloud Service Design


(PDF 294KB)

White paper

Succeed in the cloud with service lifecycle management


(PDF 139KB)

White paper

Truly embrace DevOps... measure your results


(PDF 1654KB)

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