Systems Management Trials and Demos

Systems Management Trials and Demos

Cloud Optimizer

Cloud Optimizer quickly diagnoses and troubleshoots performance issues in virtualized and cloud environments. HP supports VMware, Hyper-V, KVM and Xen hypervisors as well as OpenStack. Gain immediate and long-term benefits with this virtualization management software download from HP.

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Operations Manager

Operations Manager offers monitoring consolidation across your IT application infrastructure. Improve operational efficiency and reduce cost, as well as improve the quality of service and reduce time to repair.

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*Note: Trial is for Windows OS. For Linux, see Operations Manager.

Performance Manager

Performance Manager offers real-time performance dashboards to reduce MTTR across IT application infrastructure. Collect widely, store wisely, get real-time access in seconds and troubleshoot in minutes.

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*Note: Trial is for Windows OS. For Linux, see Performance Manager.


Agentless performance and availability monitoring tool, offering a variety of monitors, alerts, and user templates.

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Health Playback for Virtual Systems

Quickly understand the health history of VMs in your data center by watching a one minute movie of the changing heatmap patterns of the past week.

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System Process Visualizer

Get quick insight into your running processes and biggest memory/CPU consumers through a word-cloud visualization process.

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Big Data Performance Visualization

Quickly see trends in performance: A continuously refreshed tree-map helps you to visualize Hadoop cluster and Vertica Analytics performance.

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Data Sheet

Innovate Business Through a Single Pane of Glass

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Blog Post

Learn. Share. Influence. Do it all with Network Management at...

Case Study

HPE delivers full BSM to INFOTEC

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