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在帮助开发安全软件和维持高品质代码方面,HP Fortify SCA 发挥着重要作用,它可以在更短的时间内更轻松地发现代码中存在的漏洞。Fortify SCA 可检测出大量问题,其范围之广是其他静态测试技术无法企及的。HP Fortify 软件安全研究小组是一个全球团队,业界公认其为监控新兴威胁的顶级安全组织;他们的知识见解最终会融入 Fortify SCA,从而使企业和组织在应对最新威胁时始终处于主动地位。

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Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) is the process of planning, creating, testing and deploying software. Purpose of an SDLC is to develop a set of defined requirements within each phase of the lifecycle to produce a high quality product. Part of the implementation of an SDLC program ensures that security is inherent in the software design and development phases. An SDLC approach identifies vulnerabilities early in the SDLC when they are least expensive to fix, and educates developers about creating more secure software.

Static Code Analysis identifies security vulnerabilities efficiently in source code. It should be done early in the development lifecycle and continuously used throughout the life of the application so issues can be resolved with less effort and in less time. The technology provides immediate feedback on issues introduced into code during development, offers vulnerability discovery, and enable developers to create more secure software.


  • HP Fortify SCA

    HP Fortify SCA 是一款全面的自动化静态代码安全分析程序。它可以降低您的业务风险和开发成本,并帮助开发人员了解安全编码最佳实践。Fortify SCA 有助于开发团队和安全团队展开合作,共同在 SDLC 早期找到并修复安全问题。

  • 开始使用

    开展业务的应用会受到攻击,其面临的威胁呈爆炸式增长。HP Fortify Static Code Analyzer 可帮助构建并保护您的应用,使其免受当今最主要安全风险的威胁。HP Fortify SCA 会扫描您的源代码以发现其中的漏洞,并确定漏洞优先级,帮助您修复漏洞,以及提供最佳实践,从而使您的业务走上正轨。

  • 了解更多信息

    当您进行静态分析研究并开始制定应用安全计划时,HP Fortify 可随时为您提供帮助。如果您非常想了解 HP Fortify Static Code Analyzer 的特性和功能,请抓住此机会查看我们的产品介绍,并联系 Fortify 销售专家。