Network Management

Network Management

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IT performance issues directly impact revenue generating activities and increase operational costs. As networks expand in size and complexity, availability and performance can be negatively impacted. Effective enterprise network management is a key element to enabling your IT infrastructure to both reduce cost and increase agility. New strategies and initiatives are needed to manage this business critical infrastructure.

Enable Your Network to Power Your Business

HPE provides a fully integrated and automated solution that fine tunes fault management and increases availability, unifies fault and performance management, automates change and configuration management to enable compliance, and automates IT processes.

Network Management - Why


客户观点:有关 HPE 网络管理的见解

网络对于业务关键流程至关重要。 其日益提升的规模和复杂性对网络可用性和性能造成了影响。 产生的问题包括增加流量、配置错误、网络元素故障、不兼容或非集成工具等等。 并非所有问题都是硬故障,我们需要采用全新工具、策略和措施对其进行有效管理。

Learn How IPC Leveraged HPE to Support Business Growth

IPC, a global provider of network services and trading communications technology, needed a fault management system to match the scalability and resilience of its service provider network. Read how HPE Network Node Manager helped them achieve their goals.


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Learn Why Nomura Securities Chose HPE for Its New Data Center

The Japanese meeting securities company, Nomura Securities, decided it needed better network management for its new data center. Read why it chose HPE Network Node Manager and Network Automation to achieve success.


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Network Management That Meets the Needs of Enterprise Organizations

高效的网络管理需要最小化工具集,以提供故障、可用性和网络性能监视。 这种网络视图必须包括自动化常见的网络管理配置、管理和诊断任务,减少成本、费用和服务中断。


End-to-End Integrated Network Operations. Scalable, Efficient, and Automated. Only from HPE.

不同于具有点式解决方案的竞争对手,HPE Network Management 提供一个真正的集成式解决方案,可进行全局扩展,允许您提供安全兼容网络,同时符合服务级别协议、汇报要求以及成本目标。 您可以完全控制您的物理和虚拟网络基础设施——您所有业务服务的基础,并通过完整网络拓扑的共享上下文进行交付。

HPE 网络管理的更佳解决方案


Unified Network Node Management from NNMi

HPE Network Node Manager i (NNMi) software enables your network operations team to efficiently manage physical and virtual networks of massive scale. The HPE NNMi Smart Plug-in add-on modules enhance NNMi’s awareness of specialized network environments, providing your team with the information needed to identify and fix problems more quickly.


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Efficient Change, Automated Configuration, and Secure Compliance

HPE Network Automation software automates the complete operational lifecycle of network devices from provisioning to policy-based change management, compliance, and security administration.


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Analyst report

HPE meets Enterprise IT Network Management Needs through Integrated Suite



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Research Report

Network Evolution – Are you ready to leap?





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Views on Network and Infrastructure Management – HPE ITOM Blog

White Paper

Make network management more efficient





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Expand the value of NNMi with Network Automation



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HPE Network Management SIG on LinkedIn

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