Mobile Applications Services


HPE Mobile Device Hosting Service

Test the full end-to-end interaction experience of your mobile applications with our cloud-based, highly secure environment backed by HPE Software solutions and 24x7 support.

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Keep up with the mobile era when developing apps

The era of mobility has arrived, and corporate employees are abandoning traditional devices in favor of smartphones and tablets. This is driving a rapid increase in mobile application development. As a result, IT organizations must rethink how they deliver applications. Mobile Application services will help you overcome these challenges, and ensure application performance.

Key Benefits

  • 在应用投入生产之前确保其性能
  • 加速实现移动应用的价值
  • 提高应用质量

Featured Mobile Applications Services

Featured Mobile Applications Services 

HPE Mobile Functional Testing Foundation Service

Rapidly ramp up your mobile functional testing capabilities by combining HPE Unified Functional Testing solutions, our expertise, and our unique intellectual property – the Mobile Test Accelerator (MTA).


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HPE Mobile Performance Testing Foundation Service

Rapidly ramp up your mobile performance testing capabilities by leveraging HPE’s performance testing solutions, network virtualization and our unparalleled expertise.


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HPE Mobile ALM Solution Discovery Workshop

Assess your organization’s mobile ALM maturity level from process, technology, and people perspectives.

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