IT Service Management

IT 服务管理

Faster Service. Better Experience. Lower Costs.

通过 HPE ITSM 自动化,您可以加快服务交付,同时让最终用户和 IT 工作人员获得更满意的体验,这样您就可以加快关键业务活动的步伐。 现在,基于 ITIL 的服务易于访问和使用,配置和部署只需要几分钟而不是几小时,且管理和维护任务简单而快速。 最重要的是,您可以利用大数据来提供见解、传播知识和识别趋势。

成功解决传统 ITSM 所带来的高成本与难题

Transform the excessive costs and frustrations of traditional ITSM into more productive and satisfied users, lower IT costs, and tighter IT control. An investment in HPE ITSM turns service delivery into a source of competitive advantages and business value.

HPE ITSM 自动化的商业价值

Enable more productive and satisfied users, lower IT costs, and tighten IT control: Investing in HPE ITSM Automation turns your service delivery into a source of competitive advantage and business value.

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客户观点:关于 ITSM 的新看法。

有关 ITSM 解决方案见解和建议的最佳来源之一是我们庞大且不断增长的客户群。聆听他们对最大化 ITSM 商业价值的看法,以及他们选择 HPE 作为合作伙伴的原因。

Sound Advice from 12 ITSM Customers

Get solid advice, lessons learned, and best practices from 12 HPE customers. Read our eBook and learn how to deliver world-class ITSM.


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端到端功能。 以 ITIL 为基础。 面向未来。

HPE 提供完整的 ITSM 解决方案,支持服务台进程和配置管理、资产管理、分析和自动化——所有这些都基于 ITIL 最佳实践,并由专家实施和专家服务提供支持。

Transformative Service Management

HPE 端到端 ITSM 解决方案在转换服务交付和支持方面更智能。 它们自动执行任务,管理资产以降低成本; 在加快服务台进程的同时,提升用户体验; 优化软件许可与合规性; 且会利用大数据不断改善服务台。

Staff Efficiency

Find out how big data machine learning, deep analytics, and pattern matching expedite ticket handling, facilitate continual service improvement, and empower self-service.


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了解常见 IT 任务的自动化如何加速实现请求、执行标准更改、分类和修复事件,从而提高工作人员的工作效率

Versatile Discovery for Next Generation Hybrid IT

Ensure your infrastructure is accurately mapped for cloud, on-premise, and containerized IT with agent-less, agent-based, or hybrid discovery capabilities and real-time discovery for virtual environments.


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New Opportunities of Next-Gen ITSM

What will the future of ITSM bring? New Opportunities for creating business advantages and satisfied users. Read this EMA Research report and learn how next-generation ITSM will open new doors to creating a more service-aware business-aligned IT organization.

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IT Service Management Automation


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Analyst report


Top 20 ITSM Vendors


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White paper


Three Ways Big Data Can Transform Your Service Desk


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Big Data ITSM: 6 Ways to Reduce Cost


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Analyst report


Gartner: Big Data for the Service Desk

Solution Brief


Asset Optimization



Configuration Management System for ITSM

Solution Brief


Software Asset Management

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