Hybrid Cloud Management


Any Cloud, Any Environment, Any Technology for Any Application

除了混合云管理软件平台外,MicroFocus Hybrid Cloud Management 还提供并管理全面的混合和多重云环境,以加速您的应用程序创新。

Experience Cloud Freedom

We live in a world of many clouds and many apps. Why accept limitations and constraints on which clouds and technologies you can use?

The power of the HPE Hybrid Cloud Management solution is its ability to manage any cloud, any environment and any new technology for any app while achieving continuous delivery for your applications. Place your cloud workloads where they fit best.

Accelerate Ops to the Speed of Dev

Now operations teams can provide your developers with a powerful software factory and development pipeline. HPE can help improve efficiencies and time to market for applications and services that will differentiate your organization.

Forrester Report

A Clear Multi-Cloud Strategy Delivers Business Value

Making the Move to Hybrid Cloud

企业 IT 团队正在转向混合云解决方案,以加速交付并提高效率,同时更好地支持其组织实现数字化转型。但是,混合云计划面临着诸如复杂性增加、需要对多种技术进行管理以及需要实现 DevOps 方法等挑战。操作人员疲于手动处理来自开发团队的源源不断的计划外请求,以及应付简化云服务排序的需求。要详细了解其他组织如何成功实现混合云,请下载:Jeanne Morain 的《拥抱数字化转型》(Embracing Digital Transformation)。

Read Jeanne M. Morain’s “Embracing Digital Transformation” e-book

Cloud strategist Jeanne Morain provides prescriptive guidance using a practical five-phase approach for successfully navigating to the cloud. The templates, tools, and guidance are based on real-world implementation best-practices within Fortune 2000 companies.

(PDF 5.8 MB)

In a global survey of 531 IT professionals from April 2016, the respondents expressed the following about the move to hybrid cloud:

Source: Dimensional Research, "IT is Flying Blind in Hybrid Clouds," April 2016
  • stated that an integrated hybrid cloud management solution is needed

  • agree that end-to-end visibility is critical to operating a hybrid cloud

  • are considering containers

Read the Dimensional Research Report, “Hybrid Clouds: What the Business Is Asking For and IT Should Be Providing”

Learn more about the move to hybrid cloud when you download this free research report by Dimensional Research.

(PDF 806 KB)


  • Agility


  • Choices


  • DevOps


It's Time for an End to End, Open, No-Limits Cloud Management Platform

HPE 混合云管理将混合和多云操作与应用管道自动化和合规性融合到一个强大的云管理平台中。




NNIT moved to cloud-based services to improve delivery times and reduce costs by 80%.

(PDF 350 KB)

Automate your Multicloud Services with HPE

T-Systems maintains control while supporting all the different public, private and hybrid clouds needed by the business units. Watch this webinar to find out how they did it.

HPE Enterprise Services

Needing to address a complex catalog offering including self-service and integration with multiple cloud providers, HPE Enterprise Services found "Propel was the best framework."

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借助 HPE 混合云管理,可以通过将工作负载置于合适位置,自由管理任何云或传统环境中的任何类型应用或工作负载,来增加主要发展投资中的投资回报率 (ROI),且可利用各类云语言和技术。

Benefits of Hybrid Cloud Management

  • 提高 IT 敏捷性、响应能力和效率
  • 转变 IT 服务交付,加速创新
  • 不受供应商束缚
  • 实现 DevOps 和持续测试
  • 将工作负载放置在任意环境,实现 ROI 最大化

Deliver What the Business Needs - When It Needs It

  • 统一混合和多重云管理
  • 协调各种工作负载和进程
  • 精简云服务合规性
  • 持续交付应用程序
  • 统一云代理商提升用户体验

Analyst Report


IT is Flying Blind in Hybrid Clouds


(PDF 806 KB)


Case Study

TechValidate: User Case Studies and Charts

Analyst Report


IDC MaturityScape: Hybrid Cloud Management


(PDF 695 KB)

Analyst Report


541 Research: Enterprises Accelerating Adoption of Multi-Cloud Strategy


(PDF 129 KB)



Gain Control of your Multi-cloud Reality


(27:28 Minutes)



Embrace the Challenges of Cloud


(56:31 Minutes)

Web Event


iSpeak Cloud: Embracing Digital Transformation

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