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当今的功能测试团队面临测试复合/混合应用、云计算和移动平台等现代应用的挑战,很多团队都缺乏应对这些挑战的工具和知识。 HPE 提供全面的功能测试解决方案,可帮助您以业务所需的速度交付优质应用。

Key Features

Automated Testing

Make automated testing more efficient and help developers and testers collaboratively to deliver quality software at the speed your business needs.

Manual Testing

Test earlier by using a framework that supports agile development and integrates API and manual testing and CI tools.

Quality & Test Management

Achieve better quality management by using a single interface that integrates test management and reduces issues in production and improves application quality by 25-50 percent.

Mobile Testing

Test all aspects of the mobile user experience from functional to performance to context with ease via an intuitive UI, robust automation engine, and the creation of repeatable test scripts that support iOS, Android, and hybrid apps.

Network Virtualization

Emulate production environments using real-world network conditions, and deliver accurate and repeatable results with HPE Network Virtualization.

Service Virtualization

Create simulations of application behavior in a production environment. You can keep to your development and testing schedule even when you can’t develop or test the real versions of applications, dependent systems, and services with HPE Service Virtualization.

Functional Testing Products & Services

Automated testing

Unified Functional Testing

Test early, test often, test continuously with Unified Functional Testing (formerly QTP).

Continuous Testing

UFT Pro (LeanFT)

Lightweight functional testing that delivers a new standard in continuous delivery and test automation.

Manual software testing


Streamline and speed exploratory software testing for today’s Agile teams.

Mobile App Performance

Mobile Testing

Quickly test and deploy applications in complex, dynamic mobile environments.

Quality Management

Quality Center

Achieve consistent IT quality management processes and software quality assurance.

Network Virtualization

Network Virtualization

Simulate and test real-world network conditions to improve application accuracy, reliability and performance.

Requirements Definition

Requirements Management

Track quality, avoid rework, and deliver what the business asks for.

Service Virtualization

Service Virtualization

Develop and test applications faster with virtual services.

Test Framework

Business Process Testing

Accelerate functional test automation through an integrated component-based test framework.

ALM Consulting Services

Application Lifecycle Management Services

Expedite delivery of applications without compromising quality.

Functional Testing Trials

  • Unified Functional Testing Trial

    This 60-day free trial includes everything you need to perform end-to-end automation testing, including both GUI testing and API testing.

    Download Now

  • Quality Center Enterprise Trial

    You can plan, build, and prepare the release of applications, components, and services with this trial version of Quality Center Enterprise, a centralized platform for managing and automating application testing activities.

    Try It Out Now

  • HP ALM Trial

    Centralize the management and automation of the complete application lifecycle from inception to retirement with this trial version of HPE Application Lifecycle Management software. See for yourself how you can accelerate application transformation by empowering teams to plan, build, and release applications, components, and services while minimizing delays.

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Accelerate Functional Test Automation

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Related Functional Testing Products & Services

Quality Management

Quality Center

Achieve consistent IT quality management processes and software quality assurance.

Application Test Software

ALM Software

Master the modern, agile application lifecycle.

Consulting & Implementation

Software Services

Shape your IT strategy to achieve business value.

Software Education

Education Services

Empower your teams. Boost software adoption. Strengthen your business.

Customer Support

Software Support

Meet your IT challenges with industry-leading service and support.

Enterprise Agility / DevOps Services

DevOps Consulting Services

Improve velocity, quality, and your ability to operate in a user-centric world.


IT4IT Value Chain Services

Services to help you develop a blueprint based on IT4IT reference architecture for managing the business IT.

Application Management Services

Solution Management Services

Solution Management Services - Application Management Services Out-task solution management to HPE experts who understand your environment.

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