企业安全密钥管理器 (ESKM)


A Complete Solution for Enterprise Key Management and Data Protection

企业安全密钥管理器 (ESKM) 具有 KMIP 标准化互操作性和慧与安全加密功能,是一套可防止服务器、存储和云遭受数据丢失、错误处理以及管理和操作攻击的全面密钥管理解决方案。 有了它,您可以在本地和远程保护并确保持续访问关键业务加密密钥、敏感加密密钥、静态数据加密密钥。

Securely protect access to encryption keys

ESKM v5 works with HPE ProLiant Gen8 and Gen9 Servers, 3PAR, NonStop, StoreEver, ESL G3, and more servers and storage devices to protect data at rest. ESKM v5 meets the highest standards for all HPE Storage and any OASIS KMIP enabled solutions.

(PDF 524 KB)

Key Features

  • 同时支持慧与和合作伙伴的数据保护解决方案
  • 具有高可用性,可有效保护关键业务加密密钥的访问
  • 支持各种审计和合规性要求,其中包括 PCI-DSS、HIPAA、HITECH 和 PII
  • 可扩展性密钥管理可支持多个数据中心、数百个客户端和数百万个密钥
  • 采用 FIPS-140-2 二级验证,且遵循美国国家标准技术研究院 (NIST) 最新颁布的指导方针

Key Protection Best Practices

Enterprise Secure Key Manager (ESKM) provides a secure, centralized key management solution for data encryption environments. This guide will provide guidance as to how to keep your ESKM key management environment in optimal condition.

(PDF 680 KB)

ESKM 取得通用标准认证

HPE partner of Leidos Common Criteria lab

May 30, 2016, HPE Enterprise Secure Key Manager v4.1 achieved Evaluation Assurance Level 2+ certification with Leidos providing programmatic and technical consulting. Read the Leidos blog to learn the importance of this international DoD certification.

HPE Enterprise Secure Key Manager (ESKM) Video Demo

This ESKM video demo describes the benefits of using a key manager for encrypted data and contains product screen shots.

HPE ESKM KMIP Partner Qualification Program

Get started today! The Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) Partner Qualification Program for HPE ESKM offers guidance & resources to partners for integrating OASIS KMIP compliant solutions.

(PDF 272 KB)

PCI compliance with HPE ESKM and HPE NonStop

A Slovenian payment processor wanted to ensure PCI compliance for processing payment authorizations. They deployed HPE Enterprise Secure Key Manager (ESKM) to enable automated key management for encrypted data-at-rest volumes on HPE NonStop servers.

(PDF 274 KB)

HPE ESKM takes Top Reader’s Trust Award – 2015

HPE Atalla is pleased to accept the SC Magazine’s 2015 Reader Trust Award for Best Database Security Solution - HPE ESKM with HPE Secure Encryption, provides a complete key management solution for unifying and automating an organization’s encryption controls by securely creating, protecting, serving, controlling and auditing access to encryption keys.



Protect your data with HPE ESKM 

(PDF 444 KB)

White paper

Evolving Encryption Key Management Best Practices

(PDF 353 KB)

Case study

PCI compliance with HPE ESKM and HPE NonStop

(PDF 274 KB)

Data sheet

Connected MX and ESKM Secure Endpoint Devices

(PDF 724 KB)

Data sheet

ESKM v5 - Enterprise data protection

(PDF 524 KB)

White paper

Protect your business from ransomware attacks

(PDF 169KB )

White paper

Coping with the growing threat of Ransomware

(PDF 264 KB)

White paper

ESKM - Key Protection Best Practices

(PDF 680 KB)

Data sheet

Data Security Protection for HPE Helion

(PDF 1 MB)

Data sheet

Guidelines for Media Sanitization - HPE ESKM

(PDF 121 KB)

Data sheet

HPE ESKM KMIP Partner Qualification Program

(PDF 272 KB)

Solution brief

Manage Business-critical Keys with Ease

(PDF 410 KB)

White paper

Local, remote, and centrally unified key management with HPE ESKM

(PDF 4 MB)

Data sheet

Secure Encryption with ESKM – ProLiant Gen9 Servers

(PDF 1 MB)

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