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Seamless Information Connectivity

With a comprehensive set of connectors, including those for social media and Big Data (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Hadoop, and others), it doesn’t matter where your data resides or what format it’s in—we can help you govern it.

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Why - section 2

HPE Connector 是 HPE IDOL 平台的核心组件,使用可重复的标准化工作流以特有的方式聚合各种形式的结构化、半结构化或非结构化数据,从而灵活、准确地满足数据管理需求,无需考虑文件所处位置或所用语言。 HPE Connector 可连接数百个内容存储库并支持几乎所有文件格式,是当今市场上功能最为全面的数据索引和管理解决方案。

Key Benefits

  • Proven consistency: Automate the processing of vast amounts of data in a reproducible, consistent, and deterministic manner.
  • Unparalleled coverage: With access to hundreds of repositories, you're provided extensive coverage of connector repositories and their various versions.
  • Straightforward OEM integration: With easy configuration, flexible API choices (.Net, C, COM, Java, Perl, PHP, etc.), and a cross-platform architecture, implementing HPE Connectors on your own systems has never been easier.
  • Rich features for countless applications: HPE Connectors offer exceptionally rich features that can be used to create highly capable integrated applications.
  • Minimal impact: HPE Connectors, where possible, use native API's to interact with repositories to minimize impact and disruption.
  • Save time, resources, and money: Writing your own connectors requires the time, human resources, and high costs associated with supporting and maintaining a large library of connectors. With HPE Connectors, we do all the work so you don't have to.

Enterprise Search and Data Analytics for Context-aware Applications

Learn about IDOL's extensive capabilities to harness text and rich media data for contextually relevant knowledge discovery across diverse sources. Examine typical use cases and discover how the visualization tool may streamline analytics workflow.

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