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企业每天的数据量都在增加,这使成为数据驱动型企业成为独特的挑战。 HPE 大数据软件服务可帮助您成为数据驱动型企业,并应对在确定企业中存在的资产与负债优势和劣势时面临的业务挑战。 我们提供全面的服务产品组合,包括实施服务和创建大数据转型策略的服务。

Accelerate Time to Value

Don’t experiment: Accelerate time to value with our repeatable, proven software consulting services.

Reduce Risk

Take out uncertainty and risk, and meet your timelines and deliverables with confidence by leveraging our extensive project management and large engagement experience.

Implement with Confidence

Do it the right way, the first time, by leveraging our experience from thousands of implementations, best practices, industry leadership, and deep R&D reach.

Flexible Solutions

Get solutions that meet your business' unique needs. We offer innovative and flexible solutions to solve your Big Data challenges.

Big Data Software Services is comprised of the following:

  • 建议服务:策略服务包括研讨会、规划和咨询路线图
  • 集成解决方案:完整交付的集成解决方案,可确保实现业务成效
  • 实施加速器:工具包、仪表板和服务包,加快大数据技术实施和扩展的速度。
  • 基础服务:从运行状况检查和升级到完整实施的全面服务产品

Introducing Voice of Customer Rapid Deploy Solution

Voice of the Customer is a customizable marketing analytics template with professional services that aggregates all data sources to give you comprehensive data access and holistic analysis that deliver business intelligence on emerging trends tailored for your business. It will help you leverage the value of multichannel customer interactions within your data and across public social channels to improve sentiment detection, accelerate time to value and grasp new opportunities at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions.

(PDF 691 KB)

Reduce Hospital Costs, Increase Patient Satisfaction with the Healthcare Analytics Rapid Deploy Solution

Powered by core Big Data engines, the HPE Healthcare Analytics Rapid Deploy Solution is a purpose-built, customizable blueprint that can be quickly launched at a fraction of the cost of a traditional built-from-scratch Big Data healthcare analytics solution to address specific use cases that help you be more effective. Your organization will be able to continuously build its overall analytics capabilities, even as your HPE Healthcare Analytics deployment provides the immediate information you need for improved operations and better outcomes.

(PDF 4.86 MB)

Big Data Professional Services

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