Application Lifecycle Management


Application Lifecycle Management


精益、敏捷且经过 DevOps 优化的 ALM 软件和解决方案可帮助您更快速地发布优质软件,实现业务创新并提供出色的数字用户体验。

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HPE Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) 软件和解决方案能够让各种规模的团队以更快的速度和更大的敏捷性交付高质量的应用程序。通过开放式 REST API(一种广泛的合作伙伴生态系统和非方法论的方式),HPE ALM 结合 ALM 软件产品、DevOps 和开发工具集成加快发布速度,同时提高应用程序质量并增强整个生命周期的协作。



借助 ALM 软件在软件开发生命周期中获得切实可行的洞察力和稳固的团队协作。面对精益、敏捷和 DevOps 的挑战,ALM 使团队能够快速、自信地构建、测试和交付应用程序,不受开发方法限制。






作为 ALM 软件解决方案的核心组成部分,应用生命周期智能 (ALI)将广泛使用的开发工具与 ALM 集成在一起,展示了基于分析的深刻分析,以更快速地交付应用。

Open Source Integrations

ALM software is designed for easy integrations via a well-documented set of REST APIs. HPE ALM software supports integrations with over 70 widely-adopted open-source and commercial development-management solutions.

ALM Products & Services

Application Test Software

ALM Software

Master the modern, agile application lifecycle.

Agile Project Management

Agile Manager

SaaS-based agile project management software for organizing, planning and executing agile projects.

Quality Management

Quality Center

Achieve consistent IT quality management processes and software quality assurance.

ALM Consulting Services

Application Lifecycle Management Services

Expedite delivery of applications without compromising quality.

Introducing the Next Generation of ALM

Designed to help customers accelerate their DevOps processes. HPE ALM Octane leverages widely-used developer toolsets to bring continuous quality to lean, Agile, and DevOps-focused teams.


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DevOps in 2017

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Haufe Group uses ALM to speed market delivery


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White paper

State of Application Lifecycle Management


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Web event

Introducing the Next Generation of ALM


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Accelerate your business with HPE ALM


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Empower Agile Teams with Agile Manager


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Projects at Work: How Mainstream is Agile project management?


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