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这款应用管理解决方案可帮助您在整个软件开发生命周期 (SDLC) 内快速自信地定义、构建、测试并交付应用。


Bringing unmatched speed, quality and scale to the delivery of software that drives digital innovation, HPE ALM Octane sets a new precedent for lean lifecycle and quality management. Available now on Saas and shortly on premise, HPE ALM Octane represents the next generation of application delivery.


You face unrelenting demand for faster delivery of better applications and functionality. You need a way to plan, build and accelerate delivery of great applications, and have visibility into the complete lifecycle of all projects. You need application lifecycle management software.

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在 SaaS 或内部部署交付中,借助 SiteMinder 和 Common Access Card (CAC) 来支持多种工具和常规标准(如 SSO)。






借助 HP ALI 实时地深入了解某人在何时、何地出于什么原因做了什么事情,从而做出正确的决策。全面的软件开发生命周期 (SDLC) 可追溯性能够帮助您优化资源。




可定义、管理和跟踪整个软件开发生命周期 (SDLC) 的每个步骤的需求。

Application Lifecycle Management Screenshots

  • Get the big picture and all the details with cross-project reporting and pre-configured business views that enable you to drill down into individual projects.

  • Gain actionable insight into project status with KPIs that are calculated as the team works. Reports are generated, visualized in a scorecard, and can be exported to other tools including mobile devices.

  • Coverage Progress

    View requirements coverage at project or release level with views available to be configured on the fly.


Get the big picture and all the details with cross-project reporting and pre-configured business views that enable you to drill down into individual projects.


2016-2017 年测试与质量保证趋势

Manage the Complete Application Lifecycle

HPE ALM is a unified platform to help teams manage the creation and re-use of assets, and quickly understand the impact of change relating to requirements, testing, defects and development. You can further extend planning support by using Project and Portfolio Management and Agile Manager.

Get Results Faster

ALM on SaaS frees your teams to focus on business without the distraction of implementation. Choose from shared, dedicated, or advanced services, including application development solutions and application testing solutions. Read the data sheet.

Introducing the Next Generation of Application Lifecycle Management

Speed, quality, and scale must be balanced and continuously achieved to stay ahead of the competition. You need an evolved approach to support Lean, Agile, rapid software delivery.

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Case Studies



医疗保健行业的 IT 领导者使用应用程序生命周期管理功能设计任务关键型端到端应用程序测试解决方案。

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White paper

State of Application Lifecycle Management


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The Next Generation of Application Lifecycle Management


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Analyst report

Forrester: Modern Software Requirements

White paper

Predictive capabilities for ALM are coming; get ready now!


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Accelerate your business with HPE ALM


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White paper

Getting ready for ALM Octane


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Accelerate your business with HPE ALM


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Blog post

SiteScope Content Pack for SAP HANA


Haufe Group uses ALM to speed market delivery


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Solution brief

Corporacion Grupo Romero featuring ALM Center


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Blog post

Podcast: Learn how SRE Overcomes DevOps Failings

Case study

Medscheme creates healthcare efficiency with rigorous testing practices


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Data sheet

HPE Adoption Readiness Tool


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