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大数据、物联网和云的数据去识别化。从陈旧设施到现代化 IT,提供完整隐私保护。


Micro Focus 是一家领先的数据加密、假名、标记和屏蔽解决方案专家,旨在保护企业数据隐私和法规遵从性。各行各业的企业,从满足 PCI 和 GDPR 等合规性要求到数据分析和云端迁移业务等新的 IT 计划,均依赖 Voltage SecureData 在内核保护其信息,同时让其余信息在移动及使用中,从而实现无间隙的全面保护。


Shield 6
SecureData 通过在数据本身内嵌保护,防止数据生命周期中发生数据泄露,保护静态、动态和使用中的数据。

SecureData 可支持数据保护,同时让数据可用于分析和业务流程。数据可在受保护形式内传输,而不会破坏应用程序、数据库或阻碍分析。

Cloud gear

Securedata 提供了灵活的原生接口、REST 和简单的 API,支持应用与系统之间的简单集成,包括传统数据库、移动客户端、Web 客户端和物联网。

Big Data Security
适用于 Hadoop 和物联网的 SecureData 保护大数据,防止其流入或越过数据湖,从而支持对被保护数据进行大规模、低风险的安全分析。数据访问现在能够安全扩展,支持企业创造新价值并按企业需要的速度优化运营。
Cloud data security

SecureData Cloud runs cloud-native for trusted security assurance, by seamlessly protecting data consistently across hybrid IT. SecureData Cloud accelerates new business models by promoting the safe deployment of flexible workloads when adopting hybrid IT infrastructure.

Protect the Cloud
Cloud Data Security
Enterprise Data Privacy
Enterprise data privacy

Our solutions provide a comprehensive and persistent framework for data security, managing and protecting data throughout its lifecycle. Businesses lower the risk of data breach and the high costs of compliance while safely making data available to applications and processes.

Protect Privacy
Transparent encryption

SecureData Sentry accelerates Voltage data-centric security deployment in cloud, commercial, and in-house applications without critical application changes or integration required. SecureData Sentry brokers data privacy to enable new value creation and policy compliance on protected data.

Protect Transparently
Transparent encryption
Edge Protection
Edge protection

Voltage SecureData Web and SecureData Mobile protect sensitive data captured in the ecommerce browser and native mobile application. Data is secured from the instant the customer enters their personal, health, or payment card information, through web tiers and IT systems, to the trusted host. SecureData deploys easily with as few as three lines of HTML code and is transparent to end users.

Protect the Edge

Mainframe Data Protection in an Age of Big Data, Mobile, and Cloud Computing

Voltage SecureData z/Protect is faithful to industry-leading native mainframe strengths, adding data-centric security to z systems so they can be leveraged In all the latest initiatives.

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