Invest in your teams

Learn how to continuously excel with the new style of IT. Streamline rapid content development, boost adoption, and accelerate ROI.

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Empower your users with ART to deliver immediate value customized to your needs. We accommodate many types of learners with varying delivery options; from on-premise to the cloud.

Key Benefits

Maximize Software ROI

ART helps you train large numbers of users quickly so that your software starts providing benefits faster. Using ART also minimizes the need for training delivery related travel and other expenses.

Increase User Adoption

ART raises user adoption through personalized, engaging and customized training at the moment of apply.

Continuous Education

ART provides continuous education by delivering the right training, to the right person, at the right time so that staff skills remain high even during times of change.

Reduce Risk

ART helps users maintain high competence by eliminating the knowledge gaps associated with single point training. A highly competent staff makes fewer errors, saves time and reduces the risk of business disruption.

Cost Efficient and Sustainable User Adoption

HPE’s Adoption Readiness Tool (ART) is a state-of-the-art e-learning solution that consists of interactive material built by HPE experts that users can access anytime, anywhere. ART makes it more affordable and easier for people to build the skills to succeed.

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Trial ART Courses

Trial ART courses in English below, for other languages click here.

Course Title Course Title 
Introduction to ALMGet Started NowIntroduction to Operations OrchestrationGet Started Now
Introduction to Asset ManagerGet Started NowIntroduction to Performance CenterGet Started Now
Introduction to Business Service ManagementGet Started NowIntroduction to PPM Portfolio Management AGet Started Now
Introduction to Cloud Service AutomationGet Started NowIntroduction to PPM Portfolio Management BGet Started Now
Introduction to Data ProtectorGet Started NowIntroduction to Records ManagerGet Started Now
Introduction to LoadRunnerGet Started NowIntroduction to Server AutomationGet Started Now
Introduction to Network AutomationGet Started NowIntroduction to Service AnywhereGet Started Now
Introduction to Network Node Manager iGet Started NowIntroduction to Service ManagerGet Started Now
Introduction to Operations Manager iGet Started NowIntroduction to Service Manager Integrations and Additional TopicsGet Started Now
Introduction to Operations Manager Linux/UnixGet Started NowIntroduction to UFTGet Started Now
Introduction to Operations Manager WindowsGet Started NowIntroduction to Universal CMDB (UCMDB)Get Started Now

Solution Brief

Unleash the Power of Software Investment


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HPE ART Services


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HPE Adoption Readiness Tool


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Continuous Education for new style of business


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Case study

BSKyB Discovers Many Innovative Uses for the HPE Adoption Readiness Tool


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