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Основные функции

Advanced Machine Data

Gain a complete view of your IT operations analysis by leveraging all of your data, both structured and unstructured including: events, logs, topology, and any metric.

Search and index

Search and Index

Collect, search, and index millions of data fields in real-time with built-in intelligence.

Root cause

Root Cause Analysis

Identify trends and pinpoint IT issues in minutes with Time Machine data playback and clear, intuitive dashboards.


Log and Event Analytics

Automated analysis across known and unknown data filters out noise, determines relevant clusters, and analyzes text to identify abnormal behavior.

Predictive Analytics

Machine learning algorithms automatically calculate baselines taking into account data patterns and seasonality to predict future performance.

Anomaly Alerting

Help prevent IT issues from impacting end-users with real-time, intuitive alerts that notifies when performance exceeds baseline.

  • Advanced Log and Event Analytics

    Find patterns in your structured and unstructured data with automated, machine learning analysis. Reduce noise and focus only on relevant logs and events.

  • Intuitive Problem Identification

    Isolate root cause by visualizing and identifying when a problem started. Find issues in minutes without the need for war rooms by using the clear, easy-to-use dashboard playback.

  • Connect IT and Non-IT data

    Correlate IT data with any metric across your lines of business. Enable faster root cause analysis by displaying relationships between all data—metrics, events, and logs.

  • Built-in Predictive Analytics

    Forecast future performance with machine-learning, predictive analysis. Look around the corner to prevent service issues from ever happening with a single click.

  • Proactive Performance Management

    Safeguard business performance by creating dynamic, real-time alerts that reduce noise. Avoid negative business impact and save resources with automated baseline adjustments and alerts.


Find patterns in your structured and unstructured data with automated, machine learning analysis. Reduce noise and focus only on relevant logs and events.

Unleash Innovation and Business Value with IT Operations Analytics

The massive amount of data flowing through today’s IT organizations has placed a spotlight on these teams to not only maintain high application performance, but also deliver value to the line of business using ITOA. Learn what ITOA is and how it’s driving the agenda of the CIO.

(PDF 860KB)
Read How to Unleash Innovation and Business Value with ITOA
Read The Quest for a Single Pane ITOA Solution

The Quest for a Single Pane ITOA Solution

IT departments face unprecedented challenges in terms of the types of systems and expectations of customers. At the same time they have too much information. Find out what IT professionals identify as the biggest barriers and challenges in managing IT operations today.

(PDF 300KB)

Managing an Exploding IT Landscape

The future of IT operations continues to grow more complex every year. The number of new technologies and IT analytics programs has propounded this and has made SLAs harder to meet. Discover how IT leaders are using HPE operations analytics and log analysis to point the way forward.

(PDF 269KB)
Read the managing an exploding IT landscape
Read The Secret to Analyzing Machine Data

The Secret to Analyzing Machine Data

Machine data contains valuable insights that can help you improve operations. But how do you make sense of that data? Answer: leverage patented machine learning algorithms to find the root cause of issues in a matter of minutes. See how you can do it easily.

(PDF 237KB)


Shine a light on operations blind spots with Big Data


Western Union uses machine data analytics to boost performance

Data Sheet

Pinpoint, predict, and prevent performance issues with automated data analytics


(125 KB)


How HP IT used Operations Analytics for rapid root cause analysis

Solution Brief

Data Analytics at the Speed of Business


(125 KB)

Case Study

World class service creates customer advantage for Vodafone Ireland


(569 KB)


Fall into HPE Operations Analytics 


Unleashing Innovation and Business Value


(860 KB)

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