IT Operations Management for HPE OneView


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IT Operations Management for HPE OneView

The dynamics of today’s business environment demand integrated management capacity across data centers and cloud services. Integrations between HPE ITOM solutions and HPE OneView deliver increased application and infrastructure availability and performance – while increasing IT staff efficiency and productivity.

Key Features

Automate Physical Infrastructure

Rapidly instantiate physical infrastructure as part of cloud services by calling HPE OneView template-based provisioning from HPE Cloud Service Automation and Operations Orchestration.

Consolidate and Analyze Problems Before Impact

Streamline the troubleshooting process as different administrators work from a common view of the IT environment. HPE OneView passes component failures directly to HPE BSM tools like Operations Bridge so organizations can assess the service impact of outages and automate IT process execution and remediation.

Machine Learning Analytics for Big Data

Built on the Haven platform, Operations Analytics for HPE OneView simplifies converged infrastructure management using big data analytics, with patented machine learning analytics for logs and events, and self-learning predictive analytics. Download trial here.

Construct a Complete Topology

Automatically discover the infrastructure topology to enrich the information in HPE Universal Configuration Management Database (CMDB).

Optimize Capacity Automatically

React to dynamic workloads and plan for future requirements by performing what-if analyses using HPE Virtualization Performance Viewer, which pulls infrastructure data directly from HPE OneView.

Better Together

Customers use HPE Business Service Management to gain visibility into the IT environment components, their availability and performance, as well as the dependencies between them, to optimize delivery of services to the business. They use HPE OneView to provision, configure, monitor and manage the infrastructure within that environment.

HPE Business Service Management (BSM) HPE OneView
Provides end-to-end monitoring from applications through infrastructure for heterogeneous environments of all sizes. HPE BSM incorporates a broad set of monitoring sensors, advanced analytics, automation and a single pane of glass that enables IT operations teams to maximize the availability and performance of their applications and infrastructure. HPE BSM is a modular and open solution and can be integrated with other management software – including element managers, especially HPE OneView. Unifies provisioning, configuration and monitoring for HPE infrastructure including  HPE BladeSystem and HPE Virtual Connect, HPE ProLiant DL servers and HPE 3PAR  StoreServ storage. HPE OneView delivers template based provisioning across servers,  networks and storage to maximize the speed, efficiency and accuracy of infrastructure  provisioning. IT Operations Management for HPE OneView feeds information about  infrastructure health to other tools within a customer’s environment (e.g. HPE BSM)  and can be used to drive automated actions across the infrastructure.


HPE OneView Architectural Advantages

HPE OneView to provisions, configures, and monitors the underlying infrastructure. HPE IT Operations Management gives you visibility into your IT environment to optimize delivery of business services. Learn how HPE OneView is built to enable seamless integration.

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Solve Issues Faster – Serve Business Targets Better

This short demo shows the power you get when you use Operations Manager i and OneView together. ITOM gives you visibility into the end-to end IT environment.

Manage Your Infrastructure Even More Efficiently

You can maintain the operational efficiency of your physical and virtual environment AND lower capital and operational expenditures. See how you can get more right-sizing information and capacity optimization capabilities to help you better utilize your environment.

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Making IT a more Strategic Business partner

Business depends on IT to stay agile and competitive, yet IT doesn’t often communicate well its value. Now this is feasible with the HPE Business Value Dashboard. Kaiser Permanente describes an example of a datacenter cooling issue and how IT shows the business what’s its impacting and how they are progress to repair it.

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Big Data Analytics for Enhanced Troubleshooting and Resource Utilization

Pinpoint root cause in minutes with the automated log analysis feature of HPE Operations Analytics for HPE OneView. Get suggestions on how best to resolve issues.

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