HPE and IT4IT™ guide Rabobank IT merger to success

Rabobank chooses HPE IT4IT strategy and implementation services for their merger. Learn how they improved IT agility, business continuity and their ability to map IT investments to business value.

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Специальные услуги IT4IT   

Услуги IT4IT

Ускорьте процесс цифровой трансформации

 (PDF, 242 Кбайт)Читать брошюру

IT4IT ценностная оптимизация 

Получите больший возврат от инвестиций в ПО 


Семинар IT4IT Transformation 

Загляните в будущее и определите свои возможности и риски 


Каталог бизнес-услуг

Проектирование, трансформация и управление вашими ИТ-решениями

 (PDF, 129 Кбайт)Читать краткое описание услуги


IT4IT: Ignite Innovation


(PDF 543KB)


A new IT operating model for the digital age (1/2)


A new IT operating model for the digital age (2/2)


Hybrid service delivery with HPE and IT4IT


Why you should run IT like it's a cafeteria


Why do you need IT governance?


Should we be talking about business value, not value streams?


To optimize cloud services, follow this plan of action


The secret to IT success - delight your customers


3 key roles IT needs to play now

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Connected Intelligence

IT Business Analytics

Informed management of IT process performance.

Application Test Software

ALM Software

Master the modern, agile application lifecycle.

Resource & Demand Mgmt

Project and Portfolio Management

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Software Education

Education Services

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