T-Mobile focuses on transformation and innovation with DevOps

T-Mobile gains their competitive edge by exceeding customer expectations, every time! Their journey with DevOps and Software Services began with Continuous Integration and Testing, helping them reduce costs and cycle time and increase customer satisfaction. Watch the video for more.

(2:52 Minutes)

Accelerate Application Delivery

See how you can implement continuous DevOps for faster release of apps with automation of integrated build, test and deployment processes.

(1:45 Minutes)

Raising Customer Satisfaction for Banca Monte dei Paschi

Banca Monte dei Paschi embarked on a DevOps initiative and through test automation and continuous delivery & deployment reduced production defects, accelerated software delivery and improved customer satisfaction.

(3:07 Minutes)


White paper

Truley embrace DevOps... measure your results


(PDF 1648KB)


Four Keys to Successful DevOps Journey


(PDF 240KB)

Solution Brief

HPE DevOps Services


(PDF 213KB)

Solution Brief

HPE DevOps Solution Discovery Workshop


(PDF 134KB)

Case study

Through the DevOps Looking Glass


(PDF 1 MB)


Four keys to your DevOps journey



Solution Brief

HPE DevOps Transformation Workshop


(PDF 223KB)

Solution Brief

HPE Enterprise Agility Solution Discovery Workshop


(PDF 213KB)

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