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Enterprise Content Management

Система управления корпоративным контентом предприятий, подчиняющихся строгому регулированию (ECM) для государственных институтов, учреждений, находящихся под контролем регуляторных положений, и международных организаций, которые желают большего, чем просто хранить данные.

This evaluation software:

  • Was designed to ISO 15489-1:2001 and certified against DoD5015.2 and VERS standards to help your content comply with global regulations
  • Helps protect your business content and records from unauthorized access, misuse, and loss
  • Reduces storage and operational costs with retention and disposal policies
  • Improves efficiency and productivity with automatic classification and folder creation, workflow tools, and powerful search
  • Reduces the cost of legal discovery, investigation, and audit by proactively managing content according to policy throughout its lifecycle
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