Real User Monitoring (RUM)

Real User Monitoring Software

Средство мониторинга конечных пользователей, которое позволяет вам наблюдать за их активностью в системе и при необходимости своевременно и целенаправленно реагировать на проблемы.


Real User Monitoring (RUM) software monitors application performance and availability for all users at all locations all the time on business critical application services. It automatically discovers underlying infrastructure and classifies user actions—giving you instant visibility into session and whole service health over web, cloud and mobile end user experience. It allows you to trace user experience across tiers, capture live sessions, see where customers clicked, measure response times and see pages that caused problems. RUM currently supports over 20 application protocols and applications like SAP, Citrix and native mobile application monitoring on Android.

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Wed Nov 7 06:29:38 PST 2018