API management software that manages the lifecycle of APIs, applications, and integrations within heterogeneous IT environments and SOA.

Regain independence

Technology-independent API management repository supporting SOAP, REST, Swagger, and more

Key automated features

Automated subscription management, auditing, and versioning

Improve workflow

Configurable lifecycle processes and task-based workflows

Reporting validation

Design-time cross-team standards validation, enforcement, and KPI reporting of acceptance criteria

Integrated tools

Powerful visualization tools for API modeling, and impact analysis

UDDI v3 support

Full UDDI v3 support – the key component of SOA

"We use HPE SOA Systinet to manage the life cycle of our services from cradle to grave. We recently began leveraging the Contract Management functionality of Systinet and we now have over 1500 contracts in the repository.


Global 500 Transportation Services Company
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Get real-time impact and dependency analysis. You can build effective IT systems interoperability within and across organizations and establish full API lifecycle management—from API design to development, testing, and production all the way through to se

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