SiteScope Technical Specifications

SiteScope Technical Specifications

SiteScope Monitors

SiteScope monitors more than 100 different target types for critical health and performance characteristics. You can also extend your monitoring environment by creating your own monitor types and customizing existing monitors.

Monitor TypeMonitor
Application Monitors

Active Directory Replication Monitor

Apache Server Monitor

BroadVision Application Server Monitor

Check Point Monitor

Cisco Works Monitor

Citrix Monitor

ColdFusion Server Monitor

COM+ Server Monitor

F5 Big-IP Monitor

HAProxy Monitor

Mail Monitor

MAPI Monitor

Memcached Statistics Monitor

Microsoft ASP Server Monitor

Microsoft Exchange Monitor

Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Monitor

Microsoft Exchange Message Traffic Monitor

Microsoft Exchange Public Folder Monitor

Microsoft IIS Server Monitor

News Monitor

Oracle 9i Application Server Monitor

Oracle 10g Application Server Monitor

Radius Monitor

SAP CCMS Monitor

SAP CCMS Alerts Monitor

SAP Java Web Application Server Monitor

SAP Performance Monitor

SAP Work Processes Monitor

Siebel Application Server Monitor

Siebel Log File Monitor

Siebel Web Server Monitor

SunONE Web Server Monitor

Tuxedo Monitor

UDDI Monitor

WebLogic Application Server Monitor

Web Server Monitor

WebSphere Application Server Monitor

WebSphere MQ Status Monitor

WebSphere Performance Servlet Monitor

Custom Monitors

Custom Monitor

Custom Database Monitor

Custom Log File Monitor

Custom WMI Monitor

Database Monitors

Database Counter Monitor

Database Query Monitor

DB2 Monitor

LDAP Monitor

Microsoft SQL Server Monitor

Oracle Database Monitor

Sybase Monitor

Generic Monitors

Composite Monitor

Directory Monitor

File Monitor

Formula Composite Monitor

JMX Monitor

Log File Monitor

Multi Log Monitor

Script Monitor

Syslog Monitor

Web Service Monitor

XML Metrics Monitor

Integration Monitors

HPE OM Event Monitor

HPE Service Manager Monitor

NetScout Event Monitor

Technology Database Integration Monitor

Technology Log File Integration Monitor

Technology SNMP Trap Integration Monitor

Technology Web Service Integration Monitor

Media Monitors

Microsoft A/V Conferencing Server

Microsoft Lync Server Monitors

Microsoft Archiving Server

Microsoft Director Server

Microsoft Edge Server

Microsoft Front End Server

Microsoft Mediation Server

Microsoft Monitoring and CDR Server

Microsoft Registrar Server

Microsoft Windows Media Player Monitor

Real Media Player Monitor

Network Monitors

DNS Monitor

FTP Monitor

Microsoft Windows Dial-up Monitor

Network Bandwidth Monitor

Ping Monitor

Port Monitor

SNMP Monitor

SNMP Trap Monitor

SNMP by MIB Monitor

Server Monitors

Browsable Windows Performance Monitor

CPU Monitor

Disk Space Monitor (Deprecated)

DHCP Monitor

Dynamic Disk Space Monitor

HPE iLO (Integrated Lights-Out) Monitor

HPE NonStop Event Log Monitor

HPE NonStop Resources Monitor

IPMI Monitor

Memory Monitor

Microsoft Windows Event Log Monitor

Microsoft Windows Performance Counter Monitor

Microsoft Windows Resources Monitor

Microsoft Windows Services State Monitor

Service Monitor

UNIX Resources Monitor

Virtualization and Cloud Monitors

Amazon Web Services Monitor

Generic Hypervisor Monitor

KVM Monitor

Microsoft Hyper-V Monitor

Solaris Zones Monitor

VMware Datastore Monitor

VMware Host CPU

VMware Host Monitors

VMware Host Memory

VMware Host Network

VMware Host State

VMware Host Storage

VMware Performance Monitor

Web Transaction Monitors

e-Business Transaction Monitor

Link Check Monitor

URL Monitor

URL Content Monitor

URL List Monitor

URL Sequence Monitor

Web Script Monitor

Big Data Monitors

HPE Vertica



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