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ArcSight Analytics

A Big Data security analytics solution giving enterprises visibility into their users, network, data, and applications. ArcSight Analytics makes it much easier to gain information and anticipate, recognize, and mitigate threats.

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Predictive Big Data Security Analytics You Can Trust

ArcSight Analytics enables you to detect cyber threats faster and gives you the security analytics you need to act quickly. Working symbiotically with your SIEM, it analyzes and correlates every event across your IT environment, prioritizes them according to compliance and business risk and displays the resulting data in a customizable dashboard. Gain complete protection for your users, data, and applications.

Key Features

User Analytics

Behavior based anomaly detection with User Behavior Analytics.

Network Analytics

Identify infected hosts with DNS Malware Analytics.

Application Analytics

Identify infected hosts with DNS Malware Analytics.

Gain Visibility into Your Applications

Unmonitored applications leave gaping holes in your defenses that many adversaries can exploit. Lose your application blind spots and get clear visibility into your applications by leveraging security analytics.

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Data Sheet

ArcSight DNS Malware Analytics


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Data Sheet

See threats: ArcSight Application View


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Data Sheet

ArcSight User Behavior Analytics


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What to do when ‘good’ users go bad


How hunt teams can unmask hidden attackers

Online Assessment

How Mature Are Your Security Operations?

Analyst Report

ArcSight powers the analytics-driven intelligent SOC

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White Paper

Big Data? Get big security. 


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White Paper

Hunting today: Using your existing technology to hunt for cyber threats 

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