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Gaining Autonomous Operations

Operations Bridge provides strong value and is exploited by IT across all industries. Do you want to know what’s inside the Operations Bridge? Would you like to see who is using it and how they have gained automatous operations?

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Extraordinary Challenges Demand a Radical Solution

Hybrid IT is the future. To compete, you’ll need to master complex public and private cloud deployments, as well as navigate the fragmented visibility produced by countless tools, billions of logs, and dispersed information in siloed domains. A laser-focus on business priorities—and cost control—is imperative.

These extraordinary challenges facing IT teams today demand a radical solution, and that’s the Operations Bridge Suite.

Operations Bridge Suite - Casos práticos

Single Pane of Glass

Beiersdorf consolidated all IT monitoring into a single pane of glass, and used advanced correlation to reduce event volume by 65%

— View the Beiersdorf webinar

Big Data Analytics

Automated root cause analysis helped Vodafone reduce annual major incidents by 75% in 18 months, and achieve year-one ROI of 300%

— Read the Vodafone case study

Business and IT Alignment

The percentage of employees at Swiss Mobiliar that have visibility into real-time performance KPIs—like new policies, damages, and IT metrics—reached 100%

View the Swiss Mobiliar webinar

Hybrid IT

Automated public and private cloud discovery and monitoring. Businesses are quickly transforming to hybrid IT. AWS, Azure, Docker, and more. Operations Bridge can handle it all.

View Operations Bridge Hybrid IT blog articles

No One Does Autonomous Operations for Hybrid IT like Operations Bridge

A amplitude e a profundidade do valor oferecido pelo pacote HPE Operations Bridge é exclusivo no mercado. Nenhuma outra solução permite consolidar, automatizar e ajustar a gestão de operações desta forma, auxiliando na aceleração da sua transformação em TI híbrida.

O resultado é uma equipa de operações que soluciona problemas antes da interrupção do serviço, que otimiza as alocações de recursos e responde rapidamente às novas necessidades empresariais. E o melhor de tudo, os poderosos painéis executivos em tempo real no Operations Bridge possibilitam um alinhamento de negócios mais forte e uma melhor tomada de decisão, auxiliando a TI a tornar-se um parceiro estratégico valioso.

Gartner Explores Autonomous Operations

In this latest newsletter, Gartner explores Operations Bridge and recommends that companies align their next-generation monitoring tools with future infrastructure and application architectures.

Business and IT Alignment

With the Business Value Dashboard and Operations Bridge Reporter, our solution helps strengthen organizational alignment by providing a real-time display of business and IT performance. This allows executives to make critical decisions as soon as issues arise, and provides all stakeholders a view into the health of the enterprise.

Operations Bridge in Action

HPE Security – Data Security highlights payment solutions HPE Atalla HSM and HPE SecureData during the HPE Discover 2016 customer event in Las Vegas. Security solutions protect payment transactions end-to-end


Complete Visibility of the Entire IT Environment

How can IT operators efficiently identify and remediate issues if they can't see how all their technologies work together, in a single console? Visit the Operations Bridge Integrations, page to learn about the expansive technology coverage of our solution, or read the integrations e-book for a deeper dive.


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Operations Bridge for the Internet of Things

Millions of devices, intelligent objects, all generating huge amounts of data. Linked to your business and its health, you never quite know which information might hold the key to issues happening now or in the near future. Operations Bridge is being used to manage wind parks, locomotives and freeway toll collection systems. It consolidates IoT information, applies automated Big Data Analytics to find root cause faster than ever before possible. It can also perform automated remediation and visualizes what is happening as it happens on real time tablet ready stakeholder dashboards.

Watch our video to learn our approach, read our brochure for more detail and see a demonstration in this video.

Excited About Operations Bridge, but Looking for Proof?

Just ask our customers. Operations Bridge is the solution of choice for some of the largest and most successful companies on Earth. With visionary customers in every industry—from finance to manufacturing, telecommunications to consumer products, and more—our references can other insight that fits your specific situation.

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Investing in Operations Bridge is Investing in the Future

With every release, Operations Bridge drives innovation and prepares your team to succeed. Using container technology to support DevOps? We’ve got you covered. Leveraging cloud service providers, but unsure how to monitor and optimize those resources? Covered. Exploring ChatOps to build knowledge and efficiency across teams? Covered. Check out the Operations Bridge blog to see the latest.

Introducing Container Deployment Foundation and Operations Bridge

O futuro é agora. A transformação para a empresa digital exige soluções simples, rápidas e inovadoras. A HPE está a assumir a liderança com uma solução nova, englobante, que disponibiliza rapidamente um conjunto robusto de funcionalidades e microsserviços.  Com opções de instalação rápida e de implementação flexível através de Serviços Compartilhados, Conteúdo e Repositório, permitindo um escalonamento incorporado. Juntamente com uma entrega rápida e versões previsíveis, os recursos do Operations Bridge expandem à medida da sua necessidade, fortalecendo o crescimento da sua empresa. Leia o artigo no blog de Tom Goguen, GG/VP de ITOM, para saber mais sobre as interessantes inovações nos ITOM Suites.


Analyst White Paper


Bridging the Digital Divide with Operations Bridge Ultimate.

Solution brief


Operations Through a Business Lens


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Analytics Driven Automated IT Operations


(2:33 minutes)


Case study


OpsBridge Boosts Productivity and Improves MTTR at KMD.


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Case study


Vancity Credit Union: An Always-on Customer Experience


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Web event


Building an Autonomous It Operations Using HPE Operations Bridge



Multiplying It Ops Efficiency with HPE Opsbridge


(Webinar 58 minutes)


Case study


Single View Makes Monitoring Easier for GE Money Bank


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