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Services to Make the New Style of Business Real

HPE Strategic Services cover people, processes and technology and are anchored by IT4IT™ Value Chain Lens - our unique blueprint for the IT operating model – to help you ride the waves of Cloud, DevOps and Hybrid Delivery towards the New Style of Business. With our integrated strategic services you will be able to seize the opportunities and succeed in the complex, competitive and customer-centric IT environment.

Comprehensive Portfolio

Bring together the technology, people, and processes to drive adoption and maximize your business value.

Implement with Confidence

Do it the right way, the first time, by leveraging our experience from thousands of implementations, best practices, industry leadership, and deep R&D reach.

Accelerate Value Realization

Don’t experiment: Accelerate time to value with our repeatable, proven software consulting services.

Reduce Implementation Risk

Take out uncertainty and risk, and meet your timelines and deliverables with confidence by leveraging our extensive project management and large engagement experience.

Flexible IT Solutions

Get solutions that meet your business’ unique needs. We offer innovative and flexible solutions such as managed- and outcome-based services.

Integrated Learning

Get the full value of your software investment with Software Education Services.

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Intranet as a Service

Get the most out of your Office 365 investment and develop a modern Intranet. Onesource is an easily installed out-of-the-box Content Management System (CMS) that sits on top of SharePoint Online and allows companies to create a new Intranet in a matter of weeks while reducing intranet infrastructure costs.

A better experience with all the benefits of SharePoint

  • Responsive design allows 24/7 Intranet access on mobile, tablet and desktop
  • Facilitate social interaction by enabling Yammer on O365
  • Modern, responsive design requires no specialized skills to update
  • SPO or on-premise deployment
  • Fully supports WCAG 2.0 and VPAT standards
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