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Digital Safe

Solução de arquivamento de informações na nuvem que ajuda as organizações a proteger e a controlar os dados corporativos para alcançar conformidade, eliminar os riscos e aumentar a eficiência de TI e o preparo legal.

Benefits of a Cloud Archive

HPE Digital Safe enables you to benefit from the scalability, security, cost savings, and accessibility of a hosted archive, while meeting regulatory information governance requirements.


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Digital Safe - Why 2

HPE Digital Safe is an intelligent, hosted archiving solution that can help your business meet its data management needs, with increased business agility and cost savings in the cloud. Leveraging the world’s largest, private hosted cloud, Digital Safe is a market-proven solution that can help you to support your unique information and business objectives.

Key Benefits

  • Secure, private hosted archiving: Identify, manage, and control most data types across enterprise repositories in a hosted archive to support policy management, litigation preparedness, ensure compliance and mitigate risk.
  • Datacenter security: Data within the largest, private cloud is secured and protected across multiple geographically separated SOC2 data centers utilizing split-cell WORM technology to prevent data loss.
  • Massive scalability: With over 60PB of data under management, services can be scaled up or down to meet on-demand business usage and needs.
  • Greater data access: Maintain anytime/anywhere connectivity and control over data assets with an intuitive end user interface for search and access across most devices.
  • eDiscovery responsiveness: Robust identification, legal hold, processing, and export capabilities are integrated with Digital Safe to accurately and efficiently identify potentially responsive data.


HPE Digital Safe




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White paper

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Cloud‑Based Archiving



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Press release

HPE Named a Leader by Independent Research Firm for Cloud-Based Archiving

Data sheet

Digital Safe Bloomberg Archiving Data Sheet



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Data sheet

Digital Safe Data Sheet




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Data sheet

Digital Safe Discovery Data Sheet



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Data sheet

HPE Thomson Reuters Archiving Service



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Data sheet

Digital Safe DSmail Data Sheet



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Case study

Digital Safe Supervisor Data Sheet



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The Importance of Info Governance for Compliance Departments


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White paper

Bridging the Top 3 Info Governance Gaps in Financial Services


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