Data Security & Encryption Solutions

HPE Security - Data Security drives leadership in data-centric security and encryption solutions. With over 80 patents and 51 years of expertise we protect the world’s largest brands and neutralize breach impact by securing sensitive data at rest, in use and in motion. Our solutions provide advanced data encryption, tokenization and key management that protect sensitive data across enterprise applications, data processing IT, cloud, payments ecosystems, mission critical transactions, storage and big data platforms. HPE Security - Data Security solves one of the industry’s biggest challenges: how to simplify the protection of sensitive data in even the most complex use cases.

Key Features

PCI Solutions and Tokenization

Meet industry compliance & audit requirements PCI, PCI-DSS, NIST & ANSI standards with, HPE Atalla Hardware Security Module (HSM), HPE SecureData tokenization, and HPE ESKM key management.

Enterprise Key Management

Protect, manage and control access to your business-critical keys with HPE Enterprise Secure Key Manager, a cryptographic appliance with open Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) standards, for meeting compliance on HPE and non-HPE storage & server environments.

Hardware Security Module

Protect payments and financial transaction with HPE hardware security modules and protect mission-critical business keys that scale to 25K clients, 2M keys and 2-8 nodes with HPE ESKM for enterprise class key management on the 1st validated KMIP OASIS solution.

Tokenization and Encryption

HPE SecureData’s data-centric security makes encryption and tokenization of data simple for complex use cases including: PCI Compliance, data de-identification and protection of PII/PHI.

Data Security & Encryption Products

Data Protection

SecureData Products

Data-centric security solutions protecting data across enterprise, cloud, mobile devices, and big data environments.

Secure eMail

SecureMail Products

End-to-end security for email and attachments.

Hardware Security Module (HSM)

Atalla HSM Network Security Processor-NSP

End-to-end security for email and attachments.

Data Encryption

Enterprise Secure Key Manager–ESKM

Protect your data and reputation, and comply with industry regulations.

Mobile Data Security

SecureData Mobile

Security and encryption for payment card data, Personally Identifiable Information and Personal Heath Information. 

Secure Payments

SecureData Payments

Secure payment solution for retail transactions that gives complete point-to-point encryption to protect data.

eCommerce Security

SecureData Web

eCommerce security solution that protects online payments and personal data captured at the browser.

Data Encryption

Enterprise Secure Key Manager - ESKM

Protect your data and reputation, and comply with industry regulations.

What’s New in Data Security & Encryption

Integration gives End-to-End Data Security

The combination of HPE SecureData and HPE Atalla HSM increases the assurance level of encryption and tokenization solutions, while offering centralized configuration and security policy enforcement. Customers can now manage a single vendor contact.

Enable GDPR Compliance

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) suggests the use of encryption and pseudonymization as approaches to protect sensitive data. Learn how HPE Format-Preserving Encryption preserves business functionality while fulfilling encryption functions.

Taking a Data-centric Approach to Security

From Discover 2016, a quick overview of data-centric security; protecting data at-rest, in-motion and in-use, and how it can help with data privacy, compliance and GDPR regulations.

Data Security Protection for HPE Helion

HPE Enterprise Secure Key Manager (ESKM) and HPE SecureData along with HPE Helion enable enterprises to extend data to the cloud computing solutions with a high level of security assurance.

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HPE SecureData for Microsoft Azure Cloud

HPE SecureData for Microsoft Azure Cloud is a data-centric approach to protection. The access policy travels with the data, permitting data encryption and tokenization and eliminating the cost and complexity of issuing and managing encryption keys.

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Data sheet

SecureData and Atalla HSM Integration



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Data sheet

HPE Security-Data Security Provides Full Data Protection


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Data sheet





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Press release

HPE Doubles Down on Data-Centric Security

Press release

SecureData contributes to NIST FPE standard

Data sheet

HPE SecureMail provides end-to-end email security


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Press release

HPE helps build data security into mobile

Analyst report

IDG: Enterprises Reveal Data Security Priorities


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Analyst report

How are companies protecting sensitive data?


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Analyst report

Taking a Data-Centric Approach to Data Security


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Online assessment

How mature are your security operations?



A Unique Data-Centric Approach to Security


(4:46 Minutes)


Think like a Bad Guy, Act like a Good Guy


(1:50 Minutes)

Data sheet

HPE NSP enhanced software for Ax160 NSP


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Vulnerability Research

Security Research


Innovative vulnerability research delivered as actionable security intelligence.

Security Operations Center

Security Intelligence and Operations Consulting

Achieve maximum capabilities in your security operations through people and process.

Enterprise Security Training

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