What is Security Management?

Security management refers to the protection of an organization's systems, network, and information assets from security threats. It includes processes, policies, components, and strategies that unify the entire security management program.

Why security management?

The chances are good that, within the previous week, the successful hack of a major brand was in the news—and that’s going to be true no matter when you happen to be reading this. In fact, these exploits are so common that they hardly qualify as news anymore. But in spite of the high level of awareness that now exists, and the fact that successful defenses are available, data breaches have become a fact of life for organizations of all sizes across all industries.

Security managers can often be lulled into a false sense of security about the likelihood of an attack. Whether it’s because of the size of their organization, because their business isn’t a household name, or because they do not have credit card information for millions of consumers in their possession, they believe that the stringent security measures that prevent attacks are not necessary for them. This is a mistake.

Security management solutions

Micro Focus ArcSight Enterprise Security Management (ESM) software combines distributed event correlation and advanced security analytics to identify and prioritize threats in real time and remediate incidents early.

In today’s business environment, having access to the right information is critical to making the right decisions for survival. Businesses need to protect their intelligence as it accumulates, and that’s happening faster than ever before as big data continues to grow. With ArcSight ESM, you can process security information and event data at incredible speeds, and get results when your business needs it the most: in real time.

Security management resources

Security management events

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