What is Enterprise Content Management?

Enterprise content management (ECM) is a set of tools and processes that allows a company to obtain, organize, store, and deliver information critical to its effective operation. An ECM system can include elements of a number of disciplines such as: electronic records management, electronic document management, content management, content workflow, image processing, and archiving. Enterprise content management involves the management of structured and unstructured data in many formats, on various devices, throughout its lifecycle.

More organizations are now realizing the benefits of a governance-based enterprise content management solution with strong electronic records management fundamentals. This is because of its proven mechanisms for proactively capturing and organizing the documentary evidence that makes up the regular course of business—activities, transactions, internal and external communications, protective markings, and retention requirements. An information governance program built on strong records management principles can also significantly improve business efficiency and productivity, information security, and operational cost savings. The program proactively manages both business content and records throughout the content lifecycle, from the point of creation through to disposal.

Why enterprise content management?

A governance based ECM system allows businesses to present all evidentiary documentation easily within the context of business processes and policies—regardless of its stage of life. This approach leads to the seamless flow of content from creation to disposal. Documents progress naturally from being “working documents” or “content in process” to finalized electronic business records, managed according to established retention and disposal policies. There is no need to undertake separate record identification and migration projects, which can unduly burden information workers and increase the likelihood of errors and information security breaches.

Any organization that seeks to manage all enterprise content simply, efficiently, and in accordance with policy in the age of big data, mobility, and cloud needs a governance-based ECM system. The organization needs an ECM system that can deliver enhanced usability, extensive security, and superior performance across a range of devices and content types, globally.

Enterprise content management solutions

Micro Focus Content Manager is a governance based system designed to meet the global needs of government, regulated industry, and enterprises. Micro Focus Content Manager provides businesses with:

  • Integrated document and records management: Spanning both physical and electronic documents with a secure records repository and manage-in-place framework to extend management to other repositories.
  • Uniform interface: Use HTML5 technologies to provide a simple and uniform interface that automatically adjusts to different devices such as laptops, tablets, and smart phones.
  • Extensive SharePoint integration: Provide seamless integration with Microsoft SharePoint to deliver a compliant records management solution for SharePoint content and archiving of SharePoint sites.
  • Advanced email integration: Coordinate with Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes Mail, and rely on message and conversation IDs to reduce duplication.
  • Advanced record request: Request records stored either on premise or offsite at an external storage vendor. You can make requests to retrieve or return records on an ad-hoc or recurring basis.
  • Certifications and standards: Certified against DoD5015.2 and VERS, designed to the International standard of records management, ISO 15489:2001, and elements of ISO 16175: Principles and Functional Requirements for Records in Electronic Office Environments.

Enterprise content management resources

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