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Static testing helps build better code

HP Fortify SCA plays an essential role in helping to create secure software by identifying vulnerabilities with less effort, in less time, and maintain code quality. Fortify SCA detects a breadth of issues unmatched by other static testing technologies. HP Fortify Software Security Research Group is a global team recognized by the industry as the top security organization for monitoring emerging threats, and their knowledge is funneled into Fortify SCA so organizations can stay on top of the latest threats.

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Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) is the process of planning, creating, testing and deploying software. Purpose of an SDLC is to develop a set of defined requirements within each phase of the lifecycle to produce a high quality product. Part of the implementation of an SDLC program ensures that security is inherent in the software design and development phases. An SDLC approach identifies vulnerabilities early in the SDLC when they are least expensive to fix, and educates developers about creating more secure software.

Static Code Analysis identifies security vulnerabilities efficiently in source code. It should be done early in the development lifecycle and continuously used throughout the life of the application so issues can be resolved with less effort and in less time. The technology provides immediate feedback on issues introduced into code during development, offers vulnerability discovery, and enable developers to create more secure software.

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    HP Fortify SCA is a comprehensive automated static code security analyzer. It reduces your business risk, reduces development costs, and helps educate developers in secure coding best practices. Fortify SCA helps bring development and security teams together to find and fix security issues early in the SDLC.

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    Applications that run your business are being attacked, and the threats are growing exponentially. HP Fortify Static Code Analyzer can help build and protect today's greatest security risk, your applications. HP Fortify SCA scans your source code to identify weaknesses, prioritize vulnerabilities,help you remediate, and provide best practices to get you started on the right path.

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    As you conduct your static analysis research and start to build an application security program, HP Fortify is here to help. If you are interested in learning more about the features and functionality of HP Fortify Static Code Analyzer, please take the opportunity to review our datasheet and contact your Fortify Sales Specialists.