SecureData for Hadoop, Big Data and IoT

SecureData for Hadoop, Big Data and IoT

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SecureData for Hadoop, Big Data and IoT

Abordagem centrada em dados para a segurança de Big Data diminuindo significativamente os riscos e o escopo de auditorias de conformidade regulamentar.

End-to-end Data-centric Security

HPE SecureData provides an end-to-end data-centric approach to data protection that protects data over its entire lifecycle—from the point of capture, throughout its movement across your extended enterprise, all without exposing live information.

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Secure Analytics in Hadoop and Big Data

Kevin Goode discusses the importance of securing sensitive data as Inmar provides its supply chain, healthcare & retail customers with analytic insights for business innovations. Inmar encrypts Hadoop data at the source, with HPE SecureData and FPE.

(3.29 Minutes)

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Securing sensitive data in Teradata

HPE SecureData for Teradata Big Data environments is a comprehensive data protection framework that secures data as it is captured, processed, and stored across a variety of devices, operating systems, databases, and applications.

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Securing Data Across Industries

Allegiant Travel, VISA and Inmar share how they meet data security and compliance standards with HPE SecureData and HPE Atalla, supporting cost reduction, and increased revenue in Big Data analytics, eCommerce and Payments use cases.

(3:04 Minutes)

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Loeb Consulting relies on SecureData

Loeb Consulting uses HPE SecureData to protect sensitive corporate information for major enterprises to help secure Big Data environments with minimal impacts to speed and system capabilities.

(1:07 Minutes)

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Data sheet


HPE SecureData Suite for Hadoop

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Solution brief


Protecting Enterprise Data in Hadoop

Solution brief


HPE SecureData for HPE Vertica


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HPE SecureData for Teradata


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White paper


Meeting Data Residency, Compliance Challenges


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Simplifying GDPR Compliance

White paper


Data Protection and PCI Scope Reduction


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Data sheet


HPE Secure Stateless Tokenization (SST)


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Data sheet


Data De-Identification


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Data sheet




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