User Experience Management

사용자 경험 관리

User Experience Management-why

사용자 경험 관리

사용자 경험 관리 솔루션의 AppPulse Suite는 사용자 조치에서 코드 줄에 이르기까지 사용자 경험 문제를 격리함으로써 사용자 중심 앱의 제공을 자동화 및 가속화하도록 지원합니다.

High Velocity, High Frequency Apps – with Quality

HPE AppPulse Suite는 앱과 UX 모두의 지속적 개선을 구현하여 탁월한 UX 및 개선된 비즈니스 결정을 제공하는 가상 유저, 실제 사용자 및 진단 모니터링의 통합 솔루션입니다. 이 솔루션은 사용자 중심 앱을 제공하는 프로세스를 자동화 및 가속화하고 탁월한 디지털 사용자 경험으로 웹 및 모바일 앱의 지속적 전달에 필요한 도구를 제공합니다.

AppPulse Suite 기능

Synthetic Monitoring

HPE AppPulse Active helps you to enhance your user experience and meet your SLAs by using synthetic monitoring to proactively emulate real user performance and availability information.

Real User Monitoring

HPE AppPulse Mobile is real user monitoring that tracks the digital user experience and provides a single, meaningful UX score. Follow user interactions for your mobile app screen by screen. Know where users entered and exited the app and everything that happened to them along the way.

Web Performance Monitoring

HPE AppPulse Trace helps reduce triage time and cost by identifying availability issues with web apps by drilling from a specific user error to the line of code on the server side.

Transaction Analytics

HPE AppPulse Trace isolates performance problems to the line of code or the specific log message for the transaction by tracking end-to-end transaction flow through all service tiers.

애플리케이션 모니터링 간소화

일관된 고품질 디지털 사용자 경험 제공

Six Must-have End-to-end APM Capabilities

Check out this ebook to follow one man’s successful digital journey to liberation. You’ll learn about the six APM features that made it possible, and that you need.

(PDF 2.84 MB)

Let UX Drive DevOps

Users expect the world of your apps. Better give it to them. Drive better business results and your own success by using application performance monitoring to make continuous assessment and rapid iteration of both the app and the UX.
(PDF 719 KB)

How to Get High Velocity App Development

Winning DevOps teams that use APM best practices throughout the lifecycle see better UX, improved performance, increased stability, and fewer defects in production. Check out the infographic from Dimensional Research for a fun look into more info about APM.

(PDF 1.6 MB)

A Breakthrough Tool to Find App Performance Problems

How are app performance management and road trips similar? Well, for one, you need a clear, well-documented roadmap for each. Learn about more similarities in this engaging blog.

The HPE AppPulse Suite Products

Synthetic Monitoring

AppPulse Active

Improve web application performance and availability through synthetic web monitoring.

Mobile Monitoring

AppPulse Mobile

On-demand mobile application monitoring and analytics to improve user experience.

Application Monitoring

AppPulse Trace

Solve UX performance issues at the transaction level with SaaS application monitoring for code-level visibility.

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