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SecureMail 제품

HPE SecureMail은 민감한 정보를 종합적으로 보호하기 원하는 기업들을 위해 Office 365에 이메일 암호화 보호 기능을 추가합니다.

Flaws of traditional email encryption

Discover how to achieve end-to-end email security without impacting the user experience. Get the HPE SecureMail Data Sheet.

End-to-end Security for Email and Attachments

HPE SecureMail은 개인 식별이 가능한 정보와 개인 건강 정보를 보안이 유지되고 기밀인 상태로 유지하면서 수많은 수의 사용자로 확장할 수 있는 동종 최고의 엔드-투-엔드 암호화 이메일 솔루션으로, 데스크탑과 클라우드 및 모바일에서 사용이 가능합니다. 이 수준의 보안 이메일 통신 덕분에 조직은 자신감을 가지고 종이 방식에서 전자 통신으로 전환할 수 있습니다.

주요 기능

Single solution for systems

HPE SecureMail enables decryption on desktop, web, and mobile, by both internal and external users and supports scanning and filtering for all inbound and outbound email.

Data-centric email protection

HPE SecureMail encrypts data and attachments so that if a security breach does occur, the encrypted content is of no value to the attacker. Attachments are stored on internal not external servers.

Stateless key management

Using standards-based HPE Identify-Based Encryption (IBE) means no keys to manage or store. HPE SecureMail requires minimal administrative or infrastructure support and allows for global scaling.

Easy Integration

HPE SecureMail seamlessly integrates with essential email infrastructure such as anti-virus, anti-spam, content filtering, and mail archives.

Simple eDiscovery

With the ability to index, search, view, and discover data inside secure email, HPE SecureMail simplifies responses to requests during audits, investigations, and litigation.

Flexible deployment options

HPE SecureMail supports on-premise, in the cloud, or hybrid deployments, as well as cloud email services such as Office 365. The solution works with Outlook, Exchange, and mobile device management.

Migrate to Office 365: A Step-by-Step Guide

Microsoft Office 365 is growing in popularity, but migration can be a challenge. Discover the challenges of migrating, the steps involved in overcoming these challenges and how security should always be first and foremost in any migration effort.

Rethinking email encryption

Too often, the sensitive data being transmitted via email is susceptible to attack. Email encryption represents a vital defense in addressing vulnerabilities. This paper reveals best practices for a successful email encryption implementation.

(PDF 2.55 MB)

Digital Guardian relies on SecureMail

Digital Guardian integrates with HPE SecureMail email encryption solution providing customers with automated email classification, data loss prevention, and encryption.

Learn More

(1:11 Minutes)

HPE SecureMail Video Demo

This SecureMail video demo describes the benefits of using encrypted eMail and attachments, as well as contains product screen shots while in use.

Winner of Cybersecurity Excellence Award

HPE Security - Data Security is pleased to accept another industry award for HPE SecureMail – the 2016 Cybersecurity Excellence Award for Email Security. HPE SecureMail provides an encrypted email security solution available for desktop, cloud, and mobile.

SC Magazine Awards Finalist

HPE Security - Data Security is pleased to have HPE SecureMail named an SC Magazine 2016 SC Awards U.S. Finalists for Best Email Security Solution. The finalists were evaluated on their effectiveness, manageability, non-intrusiveness, and ease of use.

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SecureMail 제품제품 개요 
HPE SecureMail엔터프라이즈 내부 및 외부에서 전 세계 규모의 이메일 암호화 기능을 손쉽게 활용자세히 보기
HPE SecureMail for Office 365클라우드로의 전환을 위한 엔드-투-엔드(End-to-end) 보호자세히 보기
HPE SecureMail 애드온비즈니스 워크플로와 통합하는 동안 이메일과 파일, 문서를 보호하세요자세히 보기
HPE SecureMail 애플리케이션 에디션이메일을 사용하는 애플리케이션, 포털 및 웹사이트를 위한 데이터 중심 보안자세히 보기
HPE SecureMail 클라우드기업, 파트너 및 그 소비자들이 이메일과 파일, 문서를 보호할 수 있도록 지원자세히 보기
HPE SecureMail 모바일사용자가 기대하는 친숙한 워크플로 보장자세히 보기



Data sheet

HPE SecureMail Mobile Edition protects mobile apps


(PDF 166 KB)

Data sheet

HPE SecureMail Application Edition protects email data


(PDF 405 KB)

Data sheet

HPE SecureMail Add-Ons align with existing processes


(PDF 214 KB)


8 Tips for Secure Email Communications

White paper

Rethinking email encryption: Eight best practices for success


(PDF 2.55 MB)

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