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Performance Engineering Solutions for Apps that Exceed User Expectations

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Why is Effective Performance Engineering Necessary?


To deliver 5-star results, you need to build effective performance engineering into every aspect of the enterprise. Find out how to determine which performance metrics you need to accelerate in this eBook.

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HPE의 성능 엔지니어링 솔루션으로 대비하세요

Mobile Performance Testing

Solutions that integrate performance testing into your development environment including IDE, continuous integration, and build systems.

Application Lifecycle Virtualization

Eliminates development and delivery delays, by virtualizing services and emulating network characteristics.

Hexaware Leverages HPE for Success

Hexaware calls HPE “the leader in performance testing and monitoring.” Read this case study to see why, and also how HPE helps Hexaware deliver quality assurance and testing services to companies around the world.

(PDF 592 KB)


Data sheet

Modern Agile Testing for Web and Mobile Apps


(PDF 1.26 MB)


Five-star Performance Win Customers with World-class Application Performance


(PDF 1.05 MB)

Analyst report

Gartner: Guide for Performance Testing

Case Study

Hexaware Leverages HPE for Success


(PDF 592 KB)

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