Operations Management Services

BSM 서비스

Keep Your Business Services Healthy and Performing

Agile Operations Bridge and Application Monitoring services provides you with a 360° view into the health of your business services, and actionable insight so you can deliver better business services.

By using our services:

  • Define and refine your Operations Bridge strategy
  • Translate strategy into actionable implementation
  • Deploy and configure Operations Bridge and APM technology
  • Improve your IT operations processes
  • Ensure that your people have the right skills
  • Drive solution adoption in your organization

Key Benefits

  • IT 문제 감지와 진단을 자동화하여 더욱 빠르게 문제 해결
  • 모니터링 및 중단 해결 비용 절감
  • 더 나은 서비스를 제공하고 SLA를 관리하여 사용자 만족도 증대
  • IT 운영 직원이 일상적인 업무 대신 가치를 추가하는 업무에 집중할 수 있도록 함

Obtaining ROI from HPE Operations Bridge

Learn how you can boost service quality, improve IT efficiency and staff productivity, and drive innovation.

(PDF 221KB)

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Featured Operations Management Services

특별 운영 관리 서비스 

Agile Operations Bridge 서비스
Operations Bridge를 설계 및 구축하고 IT Service Operations를 새로운 스타일의 IT로 가져옵니다.


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Application Monitoring as-a-Service.
Application Performance Management 기반 관리형 애플리케이션당, 온디맨드 모니터링 서비스 및 플랫폼


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HPE Managed Enterprise Monitoring
Application Performance Management 및 Operations Bridge 기반 관리형 애플리케이션당, 온디맨드 모니터링 서비스 및 플랫폼.


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HPE Solution Discovery Workshop for BSM
고유한 성숙도 모델 활용으로 IT 운영 성숙도를 증가하기 위한 사람, 프로세스, 기술을 포함하는 상세한 로드맵을 개발하십시오.


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HPE Operations Bridge Analytics Foundation Service
Operations Bridge Analytics를 신속하게 배치하여 IT Operations에 대한 빅 데이터를 처리할 수 있는 능력을 확보합니다.


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Solution brief

HPE Application Monitoring as-a-service

(PDF 106 KB)


3 Steps to Gain Visibility into Application Health


3 Trends Changing BSM

Solution brief

The agile Operations Bridge

(PDF 247 KB)


An End-to-End View of Your Business Applications

White paper

Cloud Service Monitoring

(PDF 226KB )

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