IT Operations Management

IT Operations Management

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Easier, faster, transformative

Continuous change, rapid delivery, and greater user expectations are the new normal. Traditional solutions and architectures can’t keep up. Our ITOM innovations transform IT operations to be analytics driven, intrinsically automated, and collaborative—making IT faster, smarter, and more responsive.

필요한 것이...

Drive down operational costs

Our solutions are easier to deploy and manage, easily bridging the gap between traditional and digital enterprises while reducing cost and time to value.

DevOps의 속도로 서비스 제공

당사의 컨테이너 배포 토대를 통해 몇 분 만에 소프트웨어를 설치, 확장, 업데이트할 수 있습니다. 또한 자동화, 머신 러닝 및 퍼베이시브 분석으로 실시간 분석과 교정이 한결 용이해집니다.

Manage dynamic, modern workloads

Get ahead of a new generation of applications and infrastructure with container lifecycle management – enabling you to provision, ensure compliance and security, and monitor and remediate these new workloads.

Improve collaboration and user experience

Empower cross-functional teams to collaborate quickly and effectively with ChatOps. Give them greater awareness, transparency, and trust with modern user experiences and business value dashboards.

Enabling customer success with industry-leading ITOM innovations.
IT Operations Management Products

Performance and Availability Management

Operations Bridge Suite

Automated monitoring, analytics-driven operations, and smart event management

Hybrid Cloud Management

Hybrid Cloud Management Suite

Facilitate continuous delivery for traditional and cloud-native services and applications

Data Center Automation

Data Center Automation Suite

Automate tasks, orchestrate processes, enforce compliance, and optimize infrastructure utilization

Service Management

IT Service Management Automation Suite

Intelligent automation for service desk, configuration, and asset management

Network Operations Management

Network Operations Management Suite

Highly scalable and automated network service management for enterprises

Unified Endpoint Management

ZENworks Suite

Seven integrated products to help you track, manage, and protect your endpoint devices

Unified Endpoint Management

ZENworks Configuration Management

Automate and enforce IT management processes across the lifecycles of devices

File Services & Management

File Management Suite

Take charge of your data storage, security, and growth

Server Migration & Disaster Recovery

Server Migration to the Cloud

Anywhere-to-anywhere server migration—on time, at low risk, and within budget

VoIP Management

UC/VoIP Management Solutions

UC/VoIP lifecycle management and quality-of-service monitoring