Rich Media Analytics

Video Surveillance Image and Audio Data

Simplify access, automate comprehensive analysis, streamline management, and enable visualization of rich media data.

Broadcast intelligence

Automatically monitor, analyze, and index live broadcast feeds in real time from digital sources, satellite and cable television, radio, and the Internet.

Safe city

Elevate the level of public security and society’s well-being by optimally leveraging video surveillance, social media, sensors, databases, etc.


1,000대의 CCTV 카메라를 자동으로 실시간 모니터링하거나 필요 시 소급적으로 비디오 태그를 지정하고 경고 신호를 전송하며 이를 검토 및 분배합니다.

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Media archive and search

Index and analyze huge volumes of video and audio files.

Mobile 3
Call center efficiency

Analyze large volumes of voice calls in real time.

Transforming urban transportation

An IDOL-based solution has helped Auckland Transport eliminate CCTV cameras, a data warehouse, and 4 out of 5 control rooms.

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