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New 2017-18 World Quality Report

The 9th annual World Quality Report brings a beacon of hope to a complex, unforgiving Digital IT environment. Organizations worldwide are signaling a return to basics: the importance of overall product quality. 41% of respondents confirmed their top priority is to improve overall quality of software, products, and processes. Smart organizations world-wide realize quality is the steward of digital business success. However, a return to quality brings success only when QA organizations adapt to the seismic shifts facing application delivery as a whole. Smart approaches to QA, especially around test data and virtual services, are needed to address complexity, increased levels of automation are needed to adapt to speed while managing costs, and QA must become the drivers of change needed to achieve continuous quality at the speed of Agile and DevOps.

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World Quality Report 2017-18: Key findings
  • Back to basics focus on application quality shows testing has come of age in the new context of agile applications
  • Test automation: on the way to smart, intelligent, and cognitive QA
  • The challenges with testing in agile development are increasing
  • QA organization evolving to meet bi-modal needs
  • Test environments and test data continue to be the Achilles heel for QA and testing
  • Test budgets fall but are expected to rise again 
World Quality Report 2017-18: Key recommendations
  • Increase the level of smart test automation
  • Transform QA and Test function to support agile development and DevOps teams
  • Invest in smart QA and Test platforms
  • Define a test platform strategy on an enterprise level
  • Define QA analytics strategy on an enterprise level

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Sponsored by Micro Focus, Capgemini and Sogeti, the World Quality Report is the only global report analyzing application quality and testing trends across multiple industries in 32 countries.

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