How Mature Are Your Security Operations?

Take an anonymous IT security assessment.

Get your customized checklist
Get your customized checklist

After taking this short quiz, you will receive a checklist tailored to your level of security maturity—with actionable steps to take your security organization to the next level and achieve your business goals faster.

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Find out how to improve your security

According to the 2015 report on the capabilities and maturity of cyber defense organizations, most security operations are not as effective as they could be. See how your organization stacks up by taking a 4-minute, free and anonymous IT security assessment. Then, get the prescriptive checklist tailored to your maturity level. We’ll either tell you how to get your log management under control and start building an effective security operations center (SOC), improve the one you have, or keep your SOC on the cutting edge.

The security maturity curve

Based on comprehensive research, our assessment will show you the maturity of your security organization. After answering 12 short questions, you will get a roadmap for moving up the security maturity curve based on your results.

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The security maturity curve

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