Software Security Center


Software Security Center


HPE Security Fortify Software Security Centerは、スキャン結果の一元管理レポジトリです。 組織全体のアプリケーションセキュリティプログラムに可視性を提供し、ソフトウェアポートフォリオ全体のセキュリティ脆弱性を解決するために役立ちます。

Visibility to your Application Security Program

Fortify SSCは、包括的なダッシュボードと静的/動的なテスト結果を最適化するレポーティングを提供し、組織内のソフトウェアリスクを浮き彫りにする一元管理レポジトリです。効率と結果の精度を評価、改善することにより、アプリケーションセキュリティデータを活用します。ユーザーは、アプリケーションセキュリティポートフォリオのコントロール向上のために、修正の取り組みのレビュー、監査、優先順位付け、管理を行い、テスト活動を追跡して改善を評価することができます。

Rapid Vulnerability Identification and Resolution

Triage and fix vulnerabilities using Fortify Software Security Center Server’s static and dynamic analyzers. Security and dev teams collaborate using role-specific interfaces in a web-based workspace and repository. Developers receive issue and remediation descriptions helping with secure coding practices.

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Centralized Management

A centralized repository for your entire application security testing program where you can review, manage, track and control testing activities across the enterprise.


A comprehensive dashboard providing a complete view into your security activities that measures your security risk, trending issues, remediation efforts, improvements, and compliance management.


Provides an accurate picture of your software risk across your enterprise by bringing your static and dynamic testing results into one centralized dashboard.


Fortify SSC streamlines the application security program by innovating the audit process making it more efficient, consistent and accurate with findings specific to an organizations preferences.


Bringing security professionals, development and QA teams together so they can communicate, collaborate, prioritize and resolve security issues.

Accuracy of Results with Machine Learning

Fortify SSC enhances the application security program by making the audit process more efficient, delivering consistent and accurate findings specific to an organizations preferences, and allowing scalability by processing more applications.

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White paper

Accuracy of Results with Machine Learning

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