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モバイルデバイスの急速な導入とモバイルアプリケーションの爆発的増加により、IT部門にはセキュリティ上の大きな課題がもたらされています。 すでに極限状態のITセキュリティチームは、さらにモバイルアプリケーションのセキュリティに対しても責任を負うことになりますが、モバイルを急速に導入するモデルでは、徹底的にリスクを評価してスコア化するだけのリソースもスキルもありません。 また、モバイルアプリケーションはハッカーから格好の標的にされ、顧客の個人情報がリスクにさらされることになります。 

Fortifyでは、お客様のニーズに最適なフレキシブルなデリバリモデルを備えた包括的なモバイルセキュリティソリューションにより、展開前のモバイルアプリケーションをセキュリティ保護することができます。 オンプレミス、マネージドサービス、ハイブリッドから、既存のプラットフォームやビジネスモデルに合った任意の組み合わせを選択できます。

Comprehensive Testing

Flexible application security testing program that includes both static code analysis and regularly scheduled dynamic scans that do not interfere with software innovation and rapid releases.

End-to-End Security

Security assessments of source code, binaries and the running application itself to find vulnerabilities across the three tiers of a mobile application: client, network and server.

Real-world Environment

Mobile app security testing starts with a full installation and use of the application the way it will be used by actual user.

Malware Discovery

Mobile standard and premium scans include real-world environment testing to produce behavioral information and thorough malware discovery.

Supports Multiple Platforms

HPE Fortify on Demand supports the testing of native mobile applications designed for Apple iOS, Google Android, Blackberry, and Microsoft Windows Phones. Learn more.

BYOD Support

Enforce a BYOD policy with Fortify’s Mobile Application Reputation Service. Customers can request behavioral and privacy analysis for company-owned applications as well as those being used and deployed by employees and easily whitelist or blacklist mobile apps.

Mobile Security Products

Application Security Testing

Fortify on Demand

Application Security as a Service.


Fortify WebInspect

Automated dynamic security testing tool to find and prioritize exploitable web vulnerabilities.


Fortify Static Code Analyzer

Automated static code analysis to help developers eliminate vulnerabilities and build secure software.

Three-tier Approach to Mobile Security

Fortify on Demand offers a three-tier approach to mobile security – testing and comparing results across all three layers of the mobile application: client, network, and server will result in building, managing and successfully securing your mobile applications. Read the Mobile Security Assessment data sheet.

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Case study

Do your mobile apps protect your data?

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Data sheet

Learn About Real-World Mobile Application Security

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Secure eMail

SecureMail Products

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Enterprise Security Training

Enterprise Security University

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Enterprise Security Consulting

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Software Security

Fortify Software Security Center

Manage software risk across the entire secure SDLC—from development to QA and through production.


Fortify Application Defender

Protect production applications from the inside with runtime application self-protection.

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