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Storage Optimizer

A data storage optimization solution that lets you intelligently manage unstructured data and distribute information across multiple storage repositories, including the cloud.

HPE Storage Optimizerで、よりスマートなデータバックアップとストレージ

HPE Storage Optimizerが、高い拡張性を備えた、簡単にインストールできるソリューションでエンドツーエンドの非構造化データ管理を自動化する方法をこのビデオをご確認ください。 


Bringing Intelligence to Storage and Backup

非構造化データを管理し、複雑さおよびコストの大幅な削減も同時に実現しましょう。HPE Storage Optimizerはファイル分析をポリシーベースのストレージ階層化、情報の最適化およびバックアップと組み合わせて、ストレージの設置面積を削減します。ストレージ管理の簡単かつ賢い方法:企業全体における総合的な情報管理とガバナンス戦略です。


Improve Infrastructure Management

Combine file analytics and prioritized data backup to improve data quality, and get greater visibility into data, better infrastructure usage decisions and more value from your existing infrastructure.

Contain Costs

Significantly lower the cost of storage and make more effective use of tiered storage, including the cloud. You can easily identify redundant, obsolete or trivial data stored in Tier 1 infrastructure and move it to Tier 2 to reduce the volume of data.

Faster, Simpler Backup

Meet recovery point and time objectives (RPO/RTO), reduce backup times by up to 50%, and increase application performance by reducing the total volume of data being stored.

Holistic Governance

Know what you have and what you can defensibly dispose of and have a complete audit trail. Use a single console to keep track of the compliance of your dataset, optimize your governance and purchasing strategies, and simplify creation of policies.

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どこでスマートな削減を行うかを識別する分析に重点を置いたHPE Storage Optimizerのビジュアルインターフェイスを活用することにより、高レベルの透明性とインテリジェンスでストレージを最適化します。

Unstructured Data with Less Cost and Complexity

Learn more about Storage Optimizer, our innovative storage optimization solution that uniquely combines file analytics with data storage tiering functionality to help you manage unstructured data more intelligently, slash costs and reduce complexity.

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Faster, More Efficient Storage

Ensure continuous improvement in your storage operations by leveraging a single storage optimization solution. You’ll be able to store the right files on the right tiers and easily eliminate redundant or unneeded files.

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