Backup with Brains

Backup with Brains

HPE Data Protector: Backup With Brains

What makes HPE Data Protector the smartest choice for backup and recovery? It’s the only solution that incorporates real-time analytics to help you plan, prioritize, automate, and predict future needs. It’s more than just backup. It’s backup with brains.

The Industry’s Savviest People Explain Data Protector

ESG: “You’re Looking Into the Future”

Data Protector uses “real-time analytics to provide deeper visibility into factors that inform strategy decisions.” With these insights, “you’re looking not just at past events, but high-probability visions of the future.”

– Steve Duplessie, Founder and Senior Analyst, ESG


Forrester Insight: Backup with Brains Recorded Webinar

The rapid transformation of enterprise IT has introduced a new set of mission-critical workloads and platforms that must remain always-on and available. This shift to a modern IT environment increases data protection and security risks and demands new ways to protect your digital enterprise. Learn how IT professionals can leverage analytics to improve specific IT operations including backup and recovery.

Ovum: “A Holistic View, Better-informed Decisions”

Rated #1 in performance and scalability, Data Protector analytics presents a “holistic view” that enables “better-informed decisions based on cost, quality of service, utilization, and/or performance.”

– Roy Illsley, Principal Analyst, Ovum Decision Matrix: Backup and Recovery Report

(PDF 2224KB)

You: Test-drive Data Protector

Experience what the experts are talking about. Discover how backup software with brains can help your business. Data Protector delivers comprehensive protection across physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructures, and scales for any size business, small to large. Test-drive Data Protector with a free, no-risk trial.

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