Mobile App Monitoring for Developers

Mobile App Monitoring

Mobile App Monitoring for Developers

Mobile App Monitoring for Developers

A mobile app monitoring solution that lets you isolate issues in real time and drill down to find root cause so you can continually improve the user experience.

Mobile app monitoring down to the line of code to optimize the user experience

Isolate issues affecting mobile app quality and the user experience. AppPulse Mobile is a mobile APM featuring FunDex – a single mobile app quality score that lets you see where problems occurred and identifies the root cause by collecting performance, stability and resource usage metrics. Enhanced isolation features identify issues down to the level of code to reduce the time spent improving your mobile app. Experience mobile app monitoring with no coding or tagging required.


Features for Mobile App Developers

  • Crash Analytics - Capture the session trail for all crashes, focus on issues with greatest impact and then get to the root cause using crash log, device state, crash trail of every user action and breadcrumbs in the code.

  • UI Performance - Measure response time of all user actions as the user perceives it. Drill down and investigate the HTTP traffic on a timeline to know which service is impacting the user experience the most. Know if the bottleneck is on the server or client side.

  • Threads Timeline - Pinpoint client side performance issues to the line of code. Conduct a deep dive analysis into those slow user actions with a complete breakdown into threads and methods all visualized on the execution timeline.

  • Error Tracking - Collect all the things that could fail—either on your code or a remote service, correlate them, and quickly identify and fix the most critical issues. Know the root cause of HTTP errors, handled exception or UI error messages. Focus on what user action is causing the most impact.

  • User Flows with No Code Tagging - Automatically capture all screens and user actions. Know the most popular user actions and flows in your mobile app. See where your users exited and abandoned the app, then correlate that with performance and stability metrics to understand why.


Crash Analytics - Capture the session trail for all crashes, focus on issues with greatest impact and then get to the root cause using crash log, device state, crash trail of every user action and breadcrumbs in the code.

Get Tutorials, Code, Use Cases and More

Blogs by AppPulse Mobile Experts

Tutorial Videos for Mobile App Performance

Wrap Your App – Get Actionable Data in Minutes

Start monitoring your mobile app immediately. Simply wrap your app with the SDK provided with AppPulse Mobile. Start your trial now and begin receiving actionable data to improve your mobile app quality before deploying it to production. It’s simple. Sign up, log in, add AppPulse Mobile and monitor away. But first, watch this simple video for more information.

Video for iOS (2:35)

Video for Android (2:32)

A Single Mobile App Quality Score

Prioritize the most important issues and fix them before your users delete your mobile app. Use a single mobile app quality score to gain a top-level view of the health of your app and any user experience problems. Save time by isolating the root cause of performance, stability and resource usage issues.

(PDF 210 KB)

Mobile APM Use Cases

Crash Analytics

Capture, prioritize, analyze and reproduce all crashes experienced by your users. Get the full visibility you need to debug your system or validate your fix by leveraging the automatic user action trail. Get the Use Cases.

UI Performance

Measure the application response time of all user actions and app launches, as perceived by the user, from the moment they click the UI until the UI has completed rendering. Identify slow requests that affect the user experience or bottlenecks on the client threads and methods. Get the Use Cases.


Automatically capture all HTTP errors in your mobile app. Find out error root cause and any correlation of the different errors under this single user action. Get the Use Cases.


Focus on what really matters to your users by measuring the battery capacity and cellular data used per minute and per user/day. Improve your app resource consumption by breaking down the usage into device, OS, user action and domain. Get the Use Cases.

Codeless User Flows

Automatically capture all user actions and screens of all user sessions without code tagging. Simply view the user flow analytics reports to identify how users use your app, which features are used the most, and where and why they exit your app. Get the Use Cases.

Monitor the Real User Experience

Take this brief video tour to see how AppPulse Mobile makes it easy to measure the mobile user experience, focus on what matters to your users and continually improve your app.


Analyst Report

Building High-Performance Mobile Experiences

(PDF 381 KB)


AppPulse Mobile: Setting up iOS Apps


AppPulse Mobile: Value Proposition

(3:58 Minutes)


AppPulse Mobile - Getting Started


AppPulse Mobile: Setting up Android Apps


AppPulse Mobile: Getting Started With Android Apps

(2:30 Minutes)


HPE AppPulse Mobile - Getting Started with iOS Apps

(2:32 Minutes)

White Paper

What's Your FunDex? Mobile Analytics that Matter

(PDF 394KB )

White Paper

Measure What Matters with AppPulse Mobile Monitoring

(PDF 4013KB )

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