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Micro Focusはデータの暗号化、仮名化、トークン化および企業データのプライバシーをマスキングするソリューション、また規制準拠に関する最先端の知識を持っています。さまざまな業界にわたり、PCIやGDPRなどのコンプライアンス指令から、データアナリティクスやクラウド移行などの新しいITイニシアチブまで、Voltage SecureDataを信頼する企業がコアの情報の総合的な保護を、保存時、移動時、また使用時でも、途切れることなく確実に行えるようにします。


Shield 6


Cloud gear

Securedataは、RESTおよびSimple APIといった柔軟性の高いネイティブインターフェイスで、旧データベースからモバイル、ウェブ、IoTに至るまで、アプリケーションとシステム全体の容易な統合を実現します。

Big Data Security
SecureData for Hadoop and IoTはデータレークへのビッグデータストリーミングとデータレークを超越したビッグデータストリーミングを保護し、低いリスクで大規模な保護データの安全な分析を可能にします。データへのアクセスは今や安全に拡張でき、ビジネスが新しい価値を創造し、組織が望むスピードで運用を最適化できるようにします。
Cloud data security

SecureData Cloud runs cloud-native for trusted security assurance, by seamlessly protecting data consistently across hybrid IT. SecureData Cloud accelerates new business models by promoting the safe deployment of flexible workloads when adopting hybrid IT infrastructure.

Protect the Cloud
Cloud Data Security
Enterprise Data Privacy
Enterprise data privacy

Our solutions provide a comprehensive and persistent framework for data security, managing and protecting data throughout its lifecycle. Businesses lower the risk of data breach and the high costs of compliance while safely making data available to applications and processes.

Protect Privacy
Transparent encryption

SecureData Sentry accelerates Voltage data-centric security deployment in cloud, commercial, and in-house applications without critical application changes or integration required. SecureData Sentry brokers data privacy to enable new value creation and policy compliance on protected data.

Protect Transparently
Transparent encryption
Edge Protection
Edge protection

Voltage SecureData Web and SecureData Mobile protect sensitive data captured in the ecommerce browser and native mobile application. Data is secured from the instant the customer enters their personal, health, or payment card information, through web tiers and IT systems, to the trusted host. SecureData deploys easily with as few as three lines of HTML code and is transparent to end users.

Protect the Edge

Mainframe Data Protection in an Age of Big Data, Mobile, and Cloud Computing

Voltage SecureData z/Protect is faithful to industry-leading native mainframe strengths, adding data-centric security to z systems so they can be leveraged In all the latest initiatives.

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