Storage OM

Storage Operations Manager


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  • Storage Operations Manager installs in less than 30 minutes and allows you to discover your storage environment and obtain useful dashboards within hours. These dashboards show you ‘hidden storage’ that can be reclaimed to save your organization money on future storage spending. They also allow you to quickly find performance and risk issues in your environment.
  • A majority of users surveyed were able to reclaim more than 20% of their storage for new uses.
  • Operations Bridge Reporter (OBR) combined with SOM provides out-of-the-box customizable reports of SOM at the global level. OBR’s powerful Vertica data warehouse allows SOM to retain and analyze historical storage information. Certain SOM analytics, such as 30/60/90 day DTT (days to threshold), require OBR as it provides the robust historical data retention for SOM.
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Tue Jul 17 16:51:18 PDT 2018