The Business of Hacking


The Business of Hacking -why



Understand hackers’ businesses to protect your own

ハッカーは現在、組織化されたビジネスへと発展しています。 ハッカーのモチベーションは利益であり、その戦略は最少のリスクで最大の投資収益率(ROI)を獲得することです。 ハッカーがどのように運営しているかを理解し、ライバルとして扱うことでハッカーのビジネスを阻止し御社のビジネスを守ることができます。




The Business of Hacking

Hackers operate in organized businesses—with their own risks and profits. Understand the business of hacking. Learn how they’re organized and how they make their money, so you can plan your strategy to beat them.

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Most effective security strategies

Learn which cyber defenses are most effective. IDC analysts share their experiences working with organizations across the industry as each has fought back to disrupt the business of hacking and make their companies safer.

Get proactive—disrupt the business of hacking

A look back on the Timeline of Disruption

Disrupt hackers’ businesses. Drive their costs up and profits down by deploying cyber defenses that force them to change their attacks. This paper provides a history of cybercrime and shows how it has evolved in response to the defenses we mount.

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A Brief History of Cyber crime

The timeline of disruption—the measures we take to defeat hacker attacks—follows the timeline of computing itself. View the infographic to see how cyber defenses have evolved to keep hackers looking for new ways to access and steal data.

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Understand your newest competitor

Do hackers really have businesses like yours? Yes they do—with the same profit motives and business functions. Watch the video to learn how hackers operate and why treating them like competitors lets you disrupt their businesses to protect yours.

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Analyst report

UBM: How to disrupt the business of hacking

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How Mature Are Your Security Operations?

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