Operations Management Services


Operations Management Services



Keep Your Business Services Healthy and Performing

Agile Operations Bridge and Application Monitoring services provides you with a 360° view into the health of your business services, and actionable insight so you can deliver better business services.

By using our services:

  • Define and refine your Operations Bridge strategy
  • Translate strategy into actionable implementation
  • Deploy and configure Operations Bridge and APM technology
  • Improve your IT operations processes
  • Ensure that your people have the right skills
  • Drive solution adoption in your organization

Key Benefits

  • IT問題の検出と診断を自動化してインシデント解決を迅速化
  • 監視やサービス停止解決のコストを削減
  • 優れたサービスを提供し、SLAを管理して、ユーザー満足度を向上
  • IT運用スタッフをルーチン作業から解放し、付加価値の高い業務に専念させる

Obtaining ROI from HPE Operations Bridge

Learn how you can boost service quality, improve IT efficiency and staff productivity, and drive innovation.
(PDF 221KB)

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Featured Operations Management Services


Agile Operations Bridge Services
Operations Bridgeを設計および構築し、お客様のITサービス運用を最新のIT環境に取り入れます。



Application Monitoring as-a-Service



HPE Managed Enterprise Monitoring
アプリケーションのパフォーマンス管理およびOperations Bridgeが提供するアプリケーションごとに管理されるオンデマンドの監視サービスおよびプラットフォームです。



HPE Solution Discovery Workshop for BSM



HPE Operation Bridge Analytics基本サービス
Operations Analyticsの迅速な配備サービスにより、IT運用のためのビッグデータを管理します。




Solution brief

HPE Application Monitoring as-a-service

(PDF 106 KB)


3 Steps to Gain Visibility into Application Health


3 Trends Changing BSM

Solution brief

The agile Operations Bridge

(PDF 247 KB)


An End-to-End View of Your Business Applications

White paper

Cloud Service Monitoring

(PDF 226KB )

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